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brain cancer herbs

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on December 5, 2010

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Brain cancer herbs

One chat group contributor makes the following herbal suggestions for cases of brain cancer:
brain cancer treatments:

Aloe arborescens ,romano zago used it to many brain cancer patients.
and its very known that aloe-emodin is strong anti-cancer and anti glioma as well .

Boswellia used in Europe to treat brain cancer.
here is one amazing example . (it can be made to powder and soaked in olive oil,taken under tounge ) .

Hypericum is studied as well . 001 002
this palnt is well known to treat many brain problems.

curcuminCurcumin Blocks Brain Tumor Formation

Betulinic AcidBetulinic Acid for Cancer Treatment and Prevention
found in ziziphus trees leaves ,and some other plants.

Garlic –  very good as well .
can be used as tea ,crused with olive oil and more.

Melissa – Rudolf Breuss  recomended melissa for brain cancer ,is use this plant (from the wild) and is very good brain tonic for every one.

Another contributor had this experience:

“Essiac tea helped to dissolve my son’s brain tumor, 20% every two weeks. ”

Another suggestion:

“oleander is very effective against cancer as it passes the blood brain barrier.  You can get it in liquid form from  However, I hesitate to say what the dosage would be for a child, so when you order it, contact Marc Swanepoel, his email is to the left of the page on the site and he will direct you. “


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