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Curative powers of cabbage

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on November 22, 2010

Cancer? Arm yourself with information –

The Curative power of cabbage

Someone posted a great link to a site with testimonials about using
cabbage for many different conditions.

My cousin Curtis (about 20 years older than I was as a child)
became a health food nut because raw cabbage juice fast saved his
health when he was in his early 20s.

Many of the testimonials speak of the stench of raw cabbage
juice. I puree cabbage in my liquid salad. The cabbage has a smell,
but I find it pleasant and mouth watering. Maybe that is an
indication that my body wants me to take in more cabbage. However, I
am hesitant to increase my daily intake due to concerns that too much
cabbage may promote formation of goiter.

However, I was just exploring raw cabbage and goiter on the
internet. I stumbled upon a PDF file from the American Journal of
Clinical Nutrition which does not allow me to copy text, so here is
the link.

It seems that raw cabbage daily causes goiter in rabbits, but
when rabbits were supplemented with additional Iodine (beyond an
adequate dose), goiter did not develop when fed cabbage daily. I
supplement with Iodine every day, so it should be safe for me to take
in cabbage daily. So I guess I shall double the cabbage in my next
batch of liquid salad I make.



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