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Vitamin C cure story

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on November 10, 2010

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Vitamin C Cure stories

My daughter was suffering from pneumonia. One day when I arrived on the ward the doctor took me aside and told me that her immune system wasn’t coping and that the antibiotics they were giving her weren’t working – the infection was out of control. I had given her some vitamin C the night before so I just supposed that it hadn’t worked. But when I went in to see her it was clear that she was looking very much healthier than she had the previous day. I went out and told the doctor (who hadn’t actually seen her that morning – he had just seen the test results) He came in to observe and finally declared that it wasn’t so much that the vitamin C had worked – just that the tests had given a false result!!!

Here is a link to a video that a New Zealand family made about a ‘vitamin C cure’ – forget the annoying ads at the start.



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