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Emu oil as a carrier oil for transdermal cancer treatments

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on October 12, 2010

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Transdermal anticancer therapy using Emu Oil

More and more people are looking at the transdermal approach (getting herbs, vitamins, minerals etc directly to the site of a cancer by applying them to the skin nearest the tumour) – the key problem is how to get them to penetrate the skin – and the usual answer is to mix with DMSO – available from veterinary suppliers. But Emu oil is now being touted as a possible alternative/ Here is one person’s report:

“I’ve been using a mixture of 50% DMSO/50% Emu oil, plus
about 6 drops of Lavender oil. My skin is sensitive and I’ve reacted
to DMSO when applied fanywhere above the waist–mostly itching/some
mild burning feelings and dry skin. This mixture has only given me a
very brief, and very slight itching. The skin has not dried at all
and actually feels very smooth and soft afterwards. I’ve used it on
my neck and back and have been pleased with the results. The Emu oil
is a carrier oil and penetrates the skin quickly so it doesn’t stay
greasy. And the lavender smell is lovely and completely masks the
DMSO odour.”

Another report on how to deal with the unpleasant after effects of DMSO:

“An holistic MD told me to put sesame or coconut oil  onto the  area where DMSO is applied. It pretty much stops the burn/itch, and  leave it  on, do not wash off.”

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