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Canola oil – warning

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on August 23, 2010

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Canola Oil – A warning from ‘Dorothy’

Canola stands for Canada oil that is made from rapeseed which is
> toxic to humans and used for big business for engines and such. The
> only way to have it not be extremely toxic is to process it
> dramatically under extremely controlled conditions with no light or
> heat and there are few (if any) companies that can do it properly.
> It’s dirt cheap because it’s not food, it’s leftovers from industry.
> It makes me deathly ill whenever I eat something that contains it
> unknowingly. I know the feeling so well that I can ask the restaurant
> or store if there was canola in the food and they always come back
> with yes. Most vegetable oils are canola if not specified or contain
> some canola because it’s so cheap. Many olive oils in restaurants are
> now cut with canola too.
> It’s EVIL, NASTY, HORRIBLE STUFF!!!! It’s not food – much like
> cottonseed oil. You’d be so much better eating just about any other
> fat there is… even deep fried…. that’s how strongly I feel about
> that garbage that has been sold to the public as a health food.
> I could rant all day, but that’s enough. You get the picture.
> Dorothy


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