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Artemisin curing dog cancer

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on August 23, 2010

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Artemisin and dog cancer

Here is testimony of artemisin’s anti-cancer effects in a dog:

I had to post this after having success with Artemisinin. I have a dog with
very very aggressive mammary gland cancer, from over-breading. She is 13, came
to me as a rescue and was severely underweight. Two weeks after getting her we
noticed tumors in her mammary glands…one the size of a cucumber. They were
growing fast. After taking her to the vet, she was given a 1 month death
sentence. The vet said to make her comfortable.

So I researched herbs for cancer. I chose to go with Artemisinin. The dosage
for a dog was 1-4mg per pound. I decided to go with the 4mg, and gave her 200mg
a day, once a day, every day with no break in between.

That was a week after getting the death sentence that I started this. She also
eats dog food with no corn or wheat.

So as of today, the cucumber tumor has shrunk to a cherry tomato size lump. She
is very energetic (energy increased the same day I gave it to her) and she has
no pain. She is on nothing but the Artemisinin.

You can get it anywhere, I got mine at Vitacost.


2 Responses to “Artemisin curing dog cancer”

  1. larry von said

    what is the exact name of the product containing artemisinin,that you purchased at vitacost?

  2. larry von said

    how long did it take for the cucumber sized tumor to recede to the size of a cherry tomato?

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