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Erectile dysfunction and Carnitine

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on July 5, 2010

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Acetyl-l-carnitine for Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, and Male Sexual Function
Friday, June 18, 2010 – Byron Richards, CCN

Imagine the commercials on TV if a drug could help fix high blood
pressure, high blood sugar, and male erectile problems with no side effects. No
doubt, it would be a blockbuster. Welcome to the world of
acetyl-l-carnitine, a nutrient with human science showing that it does just that.
Italian researchers recently demonstrated in people at risk for increased
cardiovascular disease that _2,000 mgs per day of acetyl-l-carnitine _
essure_and_blood_sugar_in_at-risk_patients) (ALC) over a 24 week period
lowered blood pressure and improved insulin resistance. Interestingly,
improvement continued even in the 8 weeks following discontinuation of the ALC.
ALC was shown to boost the all-important blood sugar regulating compound
adiponectin. Of course, ALC is well known as a nutrient that is essential
for the burning of fat by cells, helping to clear away fat sludge and
consequent liver-related insulin resistance.
An earlier study with 4,000 mgs of carnitine (2,000 mg was in the
acetyl-l-carnitine form) in men ages 60 – 74 showed that this vital nutrient was
far more effective than testosterone at improving male erectile function and
offsetting age-associated decline. ALC restored normal erections during
sleep (nocturnal penile tumescence), which is the key marker of physiological
health of male sexual function. Additionally, ALC directly improved the
sex lives of these men, based on significant improvement in International
Index of Erectile Function scores.
The combination of elevating blood pressure, elevating blood sugar, and
declining sexual function is common in men over the age of 50. Blood
pressure medication is well known for its adverse sexual side effects, as it
actually reduces blood flow to the penis. Here is a natural solution that
simultaneously addresses three important health issues. I would suggest 500 mg
– 1000 mg of ALC at each meal and at bed. 1000 mg of ALC before aerobic
exercise will also enhance fat burning from exercise, and this could be done
on exercise days instead of one of the before meal doses.
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  1. Karin said

    Carnitine has become essential to many benefits for us. It prevents heart diseases and strokes.

    Nutreas Carnitine

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