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cancer cure story

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on July 5, 2010

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Cancer Cure Story

Most people would consider a diagnosis of Stage 4 stomach cancer with mets to the liver to be pretty difficult to overcome.Well, read this post from the Oleandersoup Yahoo chat group  and learn:

I am still around and doing well. Diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer in 2001 that had already spread to my liver I was given 6 months. My last check up in March the Oncologist told me he will cut me free next year as I will have reached the TEN year mark and I am completely Cancer free. I just wanted to get in a quick post to show that you can beat the odds and you should always have hope and never give up.
I still drink my 2 cups of pau d’arco tea every day and swear by the stuff. I still use the same tea I have from the start which you can get at
it is important to buy the tea from a reputable company to ensure you are getting the right species of inner bark.
Anyway just wanted to say Hi and thanks to cure zone and such forums where I first learned about the tea.

I did also fresh juice twice per day…fruit in the a.m. with Vital Greens added.( a ph boosting greens superfood powder) and veggie at night with lots of cabbage and garlic…and yes the evening juice did taste awfull and I don’t think any vampires would come within fifty feet of my garlic breath but it was worth it considering the results. I am a big believer in the powers of garlic. I also took various supplements and vitamins, nothing too fancy and I tweaked them down to just those I thought necessary as I hate popping pills. I took a good multi-vit/multi mineral, milk thistle ( great for the liver), extra vit e and c and bromelain supplements. Bromelain is also found naturally in pineapples so my morning juice which incidentally tasted fantastic was loaded with bromelain, I have read that bromelain literally strips the mucus coating away from cancer cells allowing your own bodies natural defenses to recognize them as the bad guys and attack and kill them.
I cut out all sugar and switched to stevia, still the only sweetener I use, ( please people stay away from artificial sweeteners and sugar ). I also cut out as much as possible refined foods and ate only fresh game meat, luckily I am a hunter and fresh venison and moose is not a problem. I concentrated on lots of veg and fruit, whole grains etc…
Well that’s about it.
I also of course always tried to keep active, get fresh air and stay motivated and positive which in itself I believe is a very important component.

Hope this helps someone, I know its a hard fight and I have been very lucky, but people beat the odds every day, just never give up and don’t believe all the doom and gloom the Docs spout at you, most of them mean well but there is a whole world of alternatives and herbals that do wondrous things and they are not even allowed to discuss them with you… even if they want too.
Healthy Wishes to All,


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  1. gmeerkat said

    Hi Brave hunter,
    Can Pau d’arco Tea cure the precancerous cells of the stomach?


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