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Menopause, hot flushes and Maca Root powder

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on June 29, 2010

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Maca Root and Hot flushes

Here is an anecdotal report of the benefits of maca root for womenexperience hot flushes (or is it hot flashes?)

“My sister takes Maca Powder since her hot flashes started and now she  says she gets NO hot flashes at all because it has balanced her hormones.

My sister says she takes one huge heaping tablespoon 3 times a day and that she buys the powder in bulk and not in capsules because it is way cheaper to buy it in bulk. She buys it in bulk by the pound. If you do a Google search for  “maca root powder” you will be able to find a lot of info. on it. I also use it in my daily smoothies as well for it’s nutritional properties since I remember reading some articles about it several months back. My sister swears by it. I don’t notice anything particular personally, but i’m not taking it for anything in particular other than doing my best just to stay healthy in life.”

One Response to “Menopause, hot flushes and Maca Root powder”

  1. Alice said

    To my knowledge Maca is essentially a very large Peruvian turnip so I wonder if a plain ol’ American turnip would work the same? Alice

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