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selenium and cancer

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on June 17, 2010

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Selenium and Cancer

Even the FDA agrees that selenium has a measurable anti-cancer effect. But what is the best form of selenium? It appears that the bioavailability of pure selenomethionine is almost twice that of selenite.


10 Responses to “selenium and cancer”

  1. Richard D. said

    I use Sodium Selenite (10ml per day) combined with 40 gram ascorbic acid orally per day. It reversed my terminal leukemia in 4 weeks (idiopathic myelofibrosis). My oncologist was amazed. In Australia, it is almost impossible to get selenium in pure form, so I purchased mine from veterinary supplier like others do here in Australia. Visit Elaine Hollinsworth’s website doctorsaredangerous dot com . She is an American living here in OZ. The website has a lot of details.

    • cancerfighter said

      when you say “10 ml” – that suggests a liquid form. Is that the equivalent of 10 mg? ie is the concentration 1 mg/ 1 ml

      • Richard D. said

        10 ml is 10 milligram and it is in liquid form. I can’t take it in one dose as it makes me feel sick, but others have no problems. I take 5 ml in the morning and 5 ml before bed.

      • Richard D. said

        If you have other problems, you should visit – wonderful stuff on apricot kernals. I have spoken to many who have been diagnosed with terminal cancer. All except one refused conventional treatment and all have been clear of cancer for years after taking 40 kernals a day. One had multiple tumours that cleared after 5 weeks.

  2. Alice said

    I wonder if using liposomal vitamin C would allow a lower dose?

  3. Sougat Misra said

    Hi Richard,

    I am a selenium researcher working at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm. I would very much like to be in contact with you as we are currently running clinical trial with sodium selenite in cancer patients.

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