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alternative cancer treatment – 2 personal experiences

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on June 7, 2010

Cancer: The Complete Recovery Guide –

Two Personal Experiences

1.First experience

Although everyone around me is frightened and appalled at my
> bleeding tumor, lol. They’re all trying to rush me to the doctor but
> I just think its NO coincidence that this happened within the last
> few days after I ramped up my dosage of curcumin. I was doing the
> “atomic bomb” approach of taking 6-8g every night at ONE time. Also,
> before my tumor was so painful that I was taking Advil throughout
> the day, now it only hurts intermittently through the day and I take
> a capsule of curcumin whenever I feel pain. I just wonder what the
> tumor is ‘planning’ to do, is it going to bleed out and drain until
> its empty? That would be nice! I’m visualizing it draining and the
> whole area going down.
> I’ve been doing this long enough to know when to admit defeat and
> get help, so if it just continues to bleed and it appears to get
> infected or take a turn for the worse, I will definitely run to the
> hospital. But I really want to just watch it for a few days and give
> it a chance to heal. I think the castor oil packs are actually
> alleviating some of the pain too.
> I have also been reading about iodine and just ordered some Lugol’s
> solution to try for overall health.
2. Second Experience

I can tell you that there are certain alternatives that will indeed cause a tumor to swell up and burst. I had a tumor which I injected with a mixture of baking soda, distilled water and DMSO and it caused my tumor to  swell up, burst and bleed. At first there was quite a bit of pain but as  the tumor drained and disintegrated- then the pain went away.

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