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sodium selenite cancer cure

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on May 15, 2010

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Sodium selenite cancer cure

A man calling himself simply Richard D contacted me and told me his story. I am reprinting it here because it is amazing:

“I contracted idiopathic myelod fibrosis. According to my oncologist this was a fatal, non curable, non treatable leukemia and due to my condition, he gave me a very short time to live. This was in December 2009. After taking 5 ml per day of sodium selenite and 40 grams per day of ascorbic acid, my oncologist couldn’t (wouldn’t) believe I turned it around in 5 weeks. After insisting I must have had blood transfusions (He was on holidays during this period) to get the positive result – haemoglobin and platelets back to normal, energy levels high, no weight loss, pain, etc., etc. My white blood cell count was still high, but he took me off the death list. He was quite blase` when I told him what I took to get the great result, but suggested I move on to Ascorbic Acid IV injections after I mentioned I was heading in this direction. I am back at work and life is looking good. Google Sodium Selenite or Elaine Hollingsworth and follow the links. In case there are any dreamtakers who want to knock my results or even the FDA, I have got copies of all my tests and I took not once ounce of treatment from the oncologist (no chemo). My oncologist said no cure, quick death. My self treatment including sodium selenite and ascorbic acid worked or was it good luck or divine intevention. I will go with the sodium selenite and ascorbic acid. The luck was all mine.”

Note: The Cancer Survivor’s Bible (2012) is now available – see

“should be on the shelves of every medical practitioner who counsels or treats cancer patients.”



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  1. Amy said

    You say he took 5ml…how many mg/ml?

    • Richard D. said

      I was the person who posted the above story. I increased my dose of 10 ml (milligram) per day of pure liquid sodium selenite. It was mixed with 250ml of filtered water.

      • Richard D. said

        Reply to my comment where I increased my dose to 10ml per day. This made me ill with vomiting. Research indicated that this was too much selenium and I have reduced back to 5ml per day. At this stage, I feel I am completely cured and tests in the following weeks should confirm this. Take care with the use of selenium. Whilst it is an anti-oxidant, it can be fatal if too higher levels are consumed.

  2. Amy said

    If you don’t know can you give me the contact info?

  3. Mack said

    Richard, what is your status with this treatment? I have a friend with inoperable bowel cancer who has been sent home to die so I am very interested in your results. Pubmed has some papers that show sodium selenite might have a good effect against cancer but I can find zero studies that actually use it in people, only anecdotal stories that I can’t verify.

    All the best, Mack

    • Richard D. said

      Hi Mack,

      I am Richard D. My health has fully recovered. I have blood tests in 4 weeks and expect they will confirm this. Contact me via the website enquiry form on ecobites -dot – com and give me your email address and I will send you my research which is based on medical info, not anecdotal. There are a lot of options out there, so tell your friend to keep positive.

  4. alexander erol said

    Where can I obtain the liquid selenium.Any information will be helpfull.Thank you.

  5. Richard D. said

    Contact me via ‘contact’ link in the menu. I can give you a source.

  6. Mack said

    Hi everyone. I was unable to persuade my friend’s family of doctors to try sodium selenite with his end stage bowel cancer. Instead they went with low dose chemo, and he contracted penumonia and died last Friday. He was a lovely guy with a lot of very young grandchildren he should have been able to spend his time with.

    In one sense I don’t want to find out if low doses of selenite really will melt away established bowel cancers- it would mean he died pointlessly and needlessly. But life goes on, I guess.

    If anyone of their own free will does try it, keep a note of everything you take, your medical records and any positive results. It would be ideal if a medical professional could monitor you but they won’t because they would be scared of being accused of misconduct. Also please make sure you don’t overdose. There is a case study where a man terrified of prostate cancer heard about selenite and took 10 grams (2000 times the dose) instead of the tiny amounts mentioned above. He died which is not surprising as 2000 times anything including water is usually lethal. The medical profession is seeking to rely on that case study as to why sodium selenite and alternative health is dangerous. Be very careful with any concentrate and its proper measurement. Most are designed for heavy dilution and administered to large numbers of herd animals. Make sure someone knows what you are doing and if there is any sign of trouble can inform doctors in case of an emergency.

    I wish you all the best and hope that something works for you.


  7. Richard D. said

    Hi Mack,

    Sorry to hear of the death of your friend. It doesn’t surprise me to hear the medical establishment would not take notice of selenium (sodium selenite). I refer to this quote from Dr Abram Hoffer ‘ I think the toxicity of selenium has been greatly exaggerated. I had a patient from Chile, a refugee, who developed a severe lymphoma. He was operated on but it came back. He had radiation and it recurred. He had been a patient of mine for the treatment of depression when he developed his cancer. He was given three months to live. I had started him on selenium, 600 mcg per day. Like many patients, he thought if 600 is good, more is even better. He came back and said he was taking 2 mg per day, or 2,000 mcg. I became a bit concerned about that and suggested he cut down to 1,000. In any event, he recovered and he has now been alive for seven years. There is no evidence of tumor, and his major problem today is reorienting himself in a foreign culture. So I use selenium and I use a lot of it…’

    Your post brought to mind the first big Con by the pharmaceutical Industry. It happened in India in the mid 1800’s. A common complaint was cured by natural remedies. The British Pharmaceutical Company wanted to sell their cure for this complaint and couldn’t make inroads to this lucrative market until a press release…Yes, you guessed it, they put out misinformation that the natural cure was causing deaths. Yes, you guessed it again, the British Pharmaceutical Company made a fortune and this method of marketing is still being used today. Take Apricot Kernals. When Sloan Memorial Ketering Cancer Reasearch (SMKR) Center realized they couldn’t synthesize this, they started a campaign and said it was deadly to consume. Take the Mayo clinic. They tried for years to discredit Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling and his work on Vitamin C and were eventually discredited for perpetuating a fraud (Linus Pauling died at 94 years after a lifetime of good health. The managing director of the Mayo Clinic who tried to discredit Pauling died at 67. Yep, you guessed it, from cancer…Ironic isn’t it that they couldn’t cure their Managing Director with conventional medicine).

    This article from New Zealand’s 60 Minutes program highlights the ‘Head in the Sand’ approach by the Medical Establishment. View this article on how the medical establishment wanted to take this patient of life support. Two 25 gram vitamin C drips over two days and he was off the death list. The recommended levels for this type of emergency is 100 – 200 grams daily. It goes to show that even small amounts have massive effects.

    On a side note, I read a Dr Klenner article about a child who was given the last rights as she only had a very short time to live (hours) due to cancer. The mother who was a nurse and had a Bachelor of Science degree, asked the doctors to give her daughter Vitamin C injections, but they continually refused. The mother in desperation to save her child after the last rights were given, sneaked between 25 – 35grams of vitamin c into her daughters drip when no one was looking. The child recovered quickly and was out of hospital within a week and has since recovered from her cancer.

    To summarise my long and lengthy post – One must take some control of their destiny. Like myself, I had no options, but to self treat. If I had taken the RDA of Selenium and avoided Vitamin C, would I be still alive today? I don’t think so! For the record I am taking 5 mls of pure Sodium Selenite a day and 40-60 grams of pharmaceutical grade Vitamin C (Ascorbate Acid).

    My favourite medical quote – They (American Cancer Society) lie like scoundrels.”—-Dean Burk, Ph.D., 34 years at the National Cancer Institute. Now, why would he make this statement if it wasn’t true and why wasn’t the pants sued off him if it wasn’t correct???

    PS – A simple blood test will indicate whether Sodium Selenite is at toxic levels in the body. If you are going to die in months from Cancer, does it matter what you die from?

  8. Richard D. said

    My last post was nearly six months now. I can report that I have no symptoms of Myelofibrosis and my general health is excellent. Yesterday I played a 45 minute game of football (parents against their children). The game was extremely fast and I finished well and scored two goals. I maintain a daily regime of 30 grams of vitamin c per day, 3-4 ml of Selenium and 4 grams of pharmaceutical grade bi carb. I recommend it to all Myelofibrosis sufferers.

    • Nadya D said

      Recently diagnosed with this illness, I am currently being treated with Chinese medicine. Can you suggest who I might find a practitioner to help me with your protocol? Can I take this orally, or do I need IV? Glad to hear you are doing well and hope your good health continues.

  9. What Does a Low WBC Mean…

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  10. Mark said

    My research institute has been clinically evaluating IV administered high dose sodium selenite. Results have been remarkable. There are several ways of administering
    sodium selenite. For now, IV is best as the dose can be much higher without any nausea. Our protocol is 3 days on and 11 days off. A whole food plant based diet is highly recommended. Specifically, the amino acid methionine must be highly restricted in the diet.

    Soon to be available will be an oral sublingual high dose sodium selenite tablet. This is expected to be as effective as IV once the protocol is optimized.

    For more info visit

    The Nutritional Oncology Research Institute is an independent research organization focused on developing natural and non-toxic cancer treatments and providing information on cancer prevention.

    • Richard D. said

      It is great see some companies showing some initiative in developing cancer treatments using Sodium Selenite. I have used this for several years and reversed my incurable cancer. Others I know personally have also used this treatment to reverse their cancers. One recently had tumours on their kidneys and liver disappear in 6 weeks. If you can’t access pure sodium selenite, contact – Cancer doesn’t need to be a death sentance.

  11. Hope said

    Hi..this is great to read. Do you also know about Cansema also known as Bloodroot Paste or Black Salve. Amazing stuff from under the radaar!

  12. LESLEY said


  13. Carl C said

    Can Sodium Selenite be taken orally w/ the same results or should it be taken thru an IV?

  14. Richard D. said

    Yes, Sodium Selenite can be taken orally. This is the method I used to reverse my cancer. A friend of mine recently cured her emphesyma with sodium selenite. It is an amazing mineral. Contact me via ‘contact’ link in the menu. I can give you my protocol.

  15. Pierre said

    Where i live i can order Sodium selenite pills, with either 500mcg or 1000mcg per pill, How do those ammounts equal in mililiters? In other words, howmany pills should i take?

  16. Pierre said

    One more thing that comes to mind after my last question.. Do any of you have any data on which form of selenium would be best? It seems that in nature we would only consume organic forms of selenium and not the inorganic form like sodium selenite? If it works it works ofcourse, but i’m very curious to hear the experienced selenium users concerning this.

    • Richard D. said

      Hi Pierre, most cancer sufferers I have been in contact with have used sodium selenite including myself, but due to the difficulty in sourcing this wonderful natural product (no thanks to the FDA in protecting the US Cancer Industry) some have used the organic form with the same success.

      In response to your first question, 1000mcg sodium selenite pills would be equivalent to 1 ml of the liquid form that I used. If you want to source sodium selenite in liquid form, I was supplied this link by a Romanian Doctor who was using it to save a patient – sodium selenite from Life Extension Foundation – I believe they have suppliers in most countries. This is the formula the doctor supplied to mirror my usage – The sodium selenite from Life Extension Foundation has 50 mcg of selenium per drop, so use 100 drops per day. The bottle will last for about 17 days and it costs 10 euros. I can source the liquid form in larger quantities, but as I live in Australia, I would prefer that you try and source locally first. With sodium selenite, it must be taken at least 1 hours away from food or tea and coffee.

      • Donna Pezeshki said

        Hi Richard D,

        If there are 50 mcg of selenium per drop, then 20 drops contain 1000 mcg of selenium.
        100 drops of 50 mcg each would yield 5000 mcg. Note: mcg stands for micro gram.
        1 Brazil nut contains about 50 mcg of selenium (according to , so you would need to eat 20 Brazil nuts to get 1000 mcg. 1 ounce of Brazil nuts contains 544 mcg according to . In your original post you said you took 5 ml, but 10 ml made you sick. note: ml means milliliter. Then you went on to say that 10ml was 10 mg (note: mg is milligram) in 250 ml of water. Did you take 5 ml of the 250 ml solution containing 10 mg or did you take 5 ml of a 250 ml solution containing 5 mg.
        Just for the record 1000 mcg (micrograms) = 1 mg (milligram).
        5ml of a 250ml solution is 1/50. If there were 5000 mcg (5mg) in the 250 ml solution. 1/50 would contain 100 mcg of selenium in it.
        if there were 10,000 mcg (10mg) in the 250 ml solution. 1/50 would contain 200 mcg of selenium in it.
        Why would you suggest that someone take 1000 mcg of selenium if you only took 100 or 200 mcg and when you doubled the amount you took it made you sick.

        How much selenium did you take? 5ml of a 250 ml solution with how many mg of selenium in the 250 ml?
        Note the RDA(recommended daily dosage) for selenium is 55mcg per day and taking too much can be toxic and dangerous.
        Just want to know how much you actually took because someone I know has Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Stage 4. Bought Brazil nuts today for friend. Was thinking he should eat more than 1 a day…maybe 4. I ate 4 and did not get sick. Any suggestions? If he should take 1000 mcg of selenium then he would need to eat 20. But you only took 100-200 mcg according to your post.

        You took 40 grams of Vitamin C. Did you take that orally too? RDA for Vit C is 90 mg for non smokers and 125 for smokers: 40 grams is equal to 40,000 mg. That’s 444.44 times the RDA, but Vit C is not toxic in large doses. That’s about 3 Kiwi’s a day or 11 oz of papaya. I guess I would consider a supplement.

        Are you still taking selenium and Vit C?

        I did not know that idiopathic myelod fibrosis was classified as cancer though it is similar to leukemia and progress to acute lymphocytic leukemia or lymphoma. What stage were you diagnosed at and what age were you diagnosed at? My friend is 64.

        Do you know anyone with Stage 4 Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia that took Vit C and selenium or anyone with what type of Stage 4 cancer and improved?

      • While I cannot explain Richard’s confusing figures for selenium intake I can certainly comment on the vitamin C. It is quite easy to take 40 grams (40,000mgs) of vitamin C orally (this amounts to around 8 teaspoons of powder) – but you wouldn’t want to go there straight away – build up slowly. There are different types of vitamin C and I have discussed the whole vitamin C question in The Cancer Survivor’s Bible – Here I will just say that there is a strong body of opinion that says that calcium ascorbate – the most commonly available form – is not as effective as other forms (ascorbic acid, sodium ascorbate, lypo-spheric). Anyone with leukemia should certainly start building up vitamin C. This is vital. Also you might wish to look at the discussion relating to citric acid on this site – do a search for ‘citric acid’.

      • Brendan said

        Could you please tell me where I can get sodium selenite in liquid form in Australia preferably in Tasmania

      • Dalt said

        Hi Brendan, Contact me at intouch9 (at) bigpond (dot) net (dot) au and I will let you know.

  17. Mark said

    Sodium selenite is best administered by IV injection on a pulsed intermittent protocol along with vitamin K3. See for more information.

    Oral (GI) administration of sodium selenite can cause nausea and food may cause a reduction reaction. Sublingual administration has been very effective. Sublingual 5 mg tablets are available.

  18. Dalt said

    I agree, sodium selenite and even vitamin c is best administered by IV, but at what cost. Taking selenium orally work amazingly well and it is simple to overcome the initial nausea. Oral Sodium selenite depending where you purchase it, costs only 20 cents approximately per day. It is no wonder the FDA in cohorts with the Giant Pharmas want this product off the market.

  19. Dalt said

    In response to Donna’s comment – ‘Are you still taking selenium and Vit C?

    I did not know that idiopathic myelod fibrosis was classified as cancer though it is similar to leukemia and progress to acute lymphocytic leukemia or lymphoma. What stage were you diagnosed at and what age were you diagnosed at? My friend is 64.

    Do you know anyone with Stage 4 Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia that took Vit C and selenium or anyone with what type of Stage 4 cancer and improved?’

    I still take around 20 grams of vitamin c per day and 2500 mcg of selenium around 3 – 4 times per week. It is over three years since I have been in remission. Yes, I can give you a list of people who have put their cancer into remission with selenium. I have had blood tests for my selenium levels after taking 5000 mcg per day for 2 years (the corrupt FDA state that 200 mcg per day is toxic). It is garbage that selenium is toxic at high levels and my blood tests confirm this. Recently I had my selenium blood levels tested at my current regime of 2500 mcg 3-4 days per week and once again, it confirms, the FDA are spinning garbage. I also regularly have ultra sound tests conducted and a full range of blood tests to confirm that I am in good health.


  20. Linda said

    Dalt, big congrats on your recovery and thanks for your story. Are you able to give in ml what maintenance amount of sodium selenite you are currently taking (i.e. 2500mcg is how much in millilitres?). Looking to implement a cancer (prostate particularly, 😦 family history ) prevention program. Also live in Australia, and have sourced it.

  21. Selenium Sodium Selenite Solution

    […] st was nearly six months now. I can report that I have no symptoms of Myelofibro […]

  22. John said

    Richard, how are you doing these days? I came across your method for recovery using 5ml of Sodium Selenite(5000mcg) and 40gms of Vit. C and passed on this information to a friend that only received his myelofibrosis diagnosis recently although he has had been receiving blood transfusions about once a year for the past two years. Would love to here back as it has been approximately 10 months since your last post.

    • Richard D. said

      Hi John, I am maintaining a reduced vitamin c/selenium regime and I am still asymptomatic of the disease. I personally think that this is all one has to do to stop MF in its tracks. The alternative medical treatment makes me shudder what sufferers are put through.

      • Nadya said

        So glad to hear you continue to be so well.
        I am about to begin IV Vitamin C this or next week and to alternate that with sodium selenite every other week, either through the liquid you used or sublingually.
        Any last minute thoughts about the protocol you might share would be most appreciated — like: how man weeks to do the IV C before starting liposomal? And ways to work with my doctor to determine the right dosages of both the C and sodium selenite.
        Take care, and I will keep you updated through this blog.
        Thanks again,

      • John said

        Hi Richard,
        I forgot to ask, if you don’t mind me asking, what is your body weight approximately?

      • John said

        Hi Richard,

        I’m hoping you will reply soon. Still want to clarify the dose. Selenium in the sodium selenite liquid form is of lower concentration than dry weight mcg. Please check your calculations and confirm your dosage. I would like to make a recommendation to a friend but don’t want to cause any harm. I think you are on to something based on what I was able to research. You may have a robust constitution and higher body weight and are able to deal with the toxicity at the higher 5000mcg dosage that you used. Seems like 5 drops containing 250mcg of selenium(Life Extension website).
        equals 0.168ml sodium selenite not 1.0ml. It appears that 5ml sodium selenite would contain far less selenium than 5000mcg.


      • Richard D. said

        Hi, Sorry about the delay in responding. I have been in the Australian outback doing some prospecting for gold and minerals and there is no internet. I will try and answer the questions above. If I miss any or you want more details, I am leaving today for Sydney and will be away for at least one week and will answer these when I get back…Dalt

        Q: I did not know that idiopathic myelofibrosis was classified as cancer though it is similar to leukaemia and progress to acute lymphocytic leukaemia or lymphoma. What stage were you diagnosed at and what age were you diagnosed at? My friend is 64.

        A: I was 60 years of age, but an analysis of my medical history by my doctor indicated it was developing for 10 years prior to the diagnosis. I was extremely advance when diagnosed.

        Q: Do you know anyone with Stage 4 Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia that took Vit C and selenium or anyone with what type of Stage 4 cancer and improved?’

        A: I have a Klenner article to confirm that 30 grams daily is all you need to take. I also have a 60 minutes article that confirms Lypospheric C will also achieve the same results.

        Q: I am about to begin IV Vitamin C this or next week and to alternate that with sodium selenite every other week, either through the liquid you used or sublingually.
        Any last minute thoughts about the protocol you might share would be most appreciated — like: how man weeks to do the IV C before starting liposomal? And ways to work with my doctor to determine the right dosages of both the C and sodium selenite.

        A: I planned to do VItamin C IV, but the cost was prohibitive. Orally works fine as I have proved and Lypo C would be even better. Personally I think one needs at least 30 – 40 grams orally per day taken at 2 hour intervals. Because of the inefficiency of taking vitamin c orally (only 20% approx. is absorbed into the cellular level) an overnight drip of 100 grams would be ideal and would negate any need for oral intake or lypo c. My initial plan was to get an IV drip nightly for 8 weeks. Also, I am not sure why you would take selenium every other week. Every one I know who overcame their cancers took selenium daily. Forget the publicity regarding selenium being toxic. I have pathology tests of my selenium levels to confirm that the FDA are running a scare campaign on selenium.

        Q: I forgot to ask, if you don’t mind me asking, what is your body weight approximately?

        A: Current weight is 86kg. I was 95kg when diagnosed. I am trying to get back to 80kg which is my ideal weight.

        Q: Still want to clarify the dose. Selenium in the sodium selenite liquid form is of lower concentration than dry weight mcg. Please check your calculations and confirm your dosage. I would like to make a recommendation to a friend but don’t want to cause any harm. I think you are on to something based on what I was able to research. You may have a robust constitution and higher body weight and are able to deal with the toxicity at the higher 5000mcg dosage that you used. Seems like 5 drops containing 250mcg of selenium(Life Extension website).
        equals 0.168ml sodium selenite not 1.0ml. It appears that 5ml sodium selenite would contain far less selenium than 5000mcg.

        A: I used liquid selenium (sodium selenite). My daily dose when ill was 5 ml. This, according to a medical scientist who contacted me regarding my high dosage and any side effects I may have suffered was of interest to him as he was conducting trials on CFS and the FDA would only allow 200 mcg daily. He basically confirmed that 5ml of my selenium is equivalent to 5000 mcg of Selenium (Sodium selenate). In reference to the selenium supplied by Life Extension, I have never used it, but a Doctor from Serbia started using it for her patient with MF. She gave the figures, that one drop of selenium equates to 50 mcg. Based on this, she would need 100 drops daily to achieve the 5 ml I was taking. A chap from Bulgaria used my protocol in consultation with his oncologist, but he only used 2500 mcg gram of powered sodium selenate form and 30 – 35 grams orally per day of vitamin c. He was completely clear of MF in six weeks. One can assume that my dosages were excessive, but at the time I was desperate to save myself and it worked.

        SUMMARY: I can be contacted by email direct at intouch9 (at) bigpond (dot) net (dot) au – I have many medical articles on the subject. These includes vitamin C being used successfully on JAK inhibitor genes, my protocol, my blood tests taking high levels of selenium for several years, etc., and these will be easier to send direct to anyone who wants them as long as you understand, this information is for research and is not to be construed as medical advice as I am not a doctor. In all circumstances, I recommend that if unsure, contact your health practitioner for advice.

        I will be away for one week, so be patient if you are waiting on the files.


      • John said

        Hi Dalt(Richard D.)
        I want to thank you for such a thorough answer to my questions. I think you have answered them all for now. I’ll get in touch in about a week. In the meantime I will give my friend Jay your information and discuss your protocol. I will let you know it progresses. In the meantime I hope you strike it rich in the ‘Australian Outback’


    • Nadya said

      Dear John,
      I live in the SF Bay Area and have been unsuccessful in finding an md or nd to assist me with Richard D’s protocol. Do you know of anyone who might be able to help me with the IV part of this protocol? At this point, I would be willing to relocate.
      Please respond to me at

      • John said

        Hi Richard and Nadya,

        Sorry I took so long to check for your reply. Richard I’m glad to here you are continuing to do well. My friend Jay has been taking 550mcg of Selenomethionine from AOR along with 40,000 Vit. C. 5 days per week. Twice a week he goes to a naturopathic doctor for 50,000 Vit C and DCA administered through IV. He has followed this protocol for the last two weeks and will have results of his last blood test later this week. I’ll keep you posted. We live in the Niagara area in Canada. Still trying to source a Sodium Selenite product that I think is safe. Richard I understand you were using 5ml which is about 5000mcg. Most literature suggests that the toxic limit is about 1000mcg., but I suppose using over a period of 5 weeks 5000mcg/day may not be lethal. From your earlier posts that was the upper tolerable limit for you. Sodium Selenite from what I’ve read causes cell necrosis rather than cell apoptosis and destroys a protein layer surrounding the cancer cell. I’ll check back tomorrow for comments.


      • Nadya said

        John: Please let us know the results of your friend’s bloodwork. I am still unable to find someone in my area to assist me with the IV portion of this protocol. I’ve got liposomal vitamin c and know that sodium selenite is available sublingually and in drops from life extension institute.

  23. John Stecjuk said

    Nadya: I will let you know as soon as I hear something.


    • John said

      Hi Nadya,

      After 2 weeks, Jay’s twice a week treatment with the combination of IV treatment of DCA and 50,000 Vit C hasn’t produced positive results yet. The other 5 days per week he takes 10 teaspoons of Vit C powder(roughly 40.000mg) and 550mcg of selenomethionine. Don’t know whether the DCA is knocking his red blood cell count down? He had a transfusion last week. He looks good though and will maintain this regimen for another three weeks. He also admitted he has’t been consistent with his home treatment. As mentioned before he has a blood test every two weeks to monitor his status. I will keep you posted. Hope to have a supply sodium selenite in few weeks for him to try Richard’s regimen.


      • Nadya said

        Thanks for your reply. Soon I will be starting sodium selenite ivs, followed by sublingual doses. I will keep you informed via this site. I wish Jay well.

      • John said

        Hi Nadya, That’s great!!! Hope all works out please keep me posted. Jay stopped by this morning to ask a few questions.
        Sounds like you were able to find someone to administer sodium selenite through IV. I researched the product through Life Extension Vitamins(not Foundation or Institute).Their product description indicates 5 drops 0.75ml. would provide 250mcg of selenium (50mcg./drop). Based on Richard’s regimen of 5ml. /day that would equate to approx. 33 drops, which equates to 1666mcg. (approx.) per day, which is slightly above the toxic dose taken over time. Were you using that amount? Richard, although earlier posted he was using 100 drops(15ml) which would equate to 5000mcg. of selenium. It seems to be a false assumption that 5000mcg. of selenium equates to 5ml. sodium selenite. Another post from Dalt states he used 5000mcg/day and presently uses 2500mcg/day 3-4 times per week. In a later response to Linda he states he uses 2.5ml./day which is also misleading. I wish to offer Jay correct information and hope to hear comment from Richard and Dalt that would make the dosage clear.

  24. John said

    Hi Dalt,

    How have you been doing the past 3-1/2 months? My friend Jay has tried several different therapies but not the one that you have followed. His red blood cell count drops below 82 every 3-4 weeks and he then has a transfusion. Today he stopped by to say he wanted to follow your protocol as nothing else has worked. He is even considering stem cell therapy that is being offered at clinic is South Florida that is affiliated with the Hippocrates Health Institute. When your ready please send the files in small batches that you spoke of earlier.


    • Richard D. said

      Hi John,

      Your question on how I have been doing the last 3.5 months should be reworded to how have I been doing for the last four years since my remission…I am in excellent health and enjoying life.

      In regards to what can be seen as misleading details in regards to selenium and also, its toxicity. Firstly, I have stated, I took 5000 mcg equivalent of selenium. This is correct. The fact I take it in liquid form shouldn’t cause any confusion. The equation of my 5 ml per day to 5000 mcg was not my interpretation, but was calculated by a Medical researcher working with selenium. He was conducting a trial using liquid selenium topically.

      For those concerned about the toxicity of selenium, these facts should comfort you. I had pathology tests conducted after two years of taking the equivalent of 5000 mcg per day (FDA state that anything above 200 – 400 mcg per day is toxic). My selenium readings were at the upper end of the band and considered (by my doctor) as fine. After this test, I dropped my selenium intake to 2500 mcg per day and have continued this regime for two years. My pathology tests were in the middle of the normal band (i.e. normal). Anyone who would like to see a copy of my pathology tests need to contact me and supply an email address for me to forward the snapshot.

      Something I have learned over the last four years from many sources plus my own experience – Selenium raises haemoglobin levels. Vitamin C raises platelet levels.

      I did consider vitamin c intravenously, however, if one reads Klenner MD and Cathcard MD, this should be done in the form of a drip which can be over an eight hour period. Vitamin C infusions twice a week can be effective as long as it is supported by regular oral dosing (Klenner MD). I was unable to find anyone to provide vitamin c by drip, so I maintained an oral protocol which worked for me. Klenner MD makes reference to a leukaemia sufferer who put his cancer into remission with 30 grams per day of vitamin c orally. His spleen also reduced to normal. Tests were done to substantiate this fact by taking the patient of vitamin c. His leukaemia returned and when he went back on his vitamin c regime, the leukaemia went back into remission.

      For those interested, this is the protocol I followed. I might add, that is wasn’t guess work, but something I devised from the experience of Abram Hoffer MD who worked extensively with vitamin c and selenium for over 50 years. Not only was Hoffer a Doctor, but he also had a PHD in vitamins:

      1. mixed 8 grams of pharmaceutical quality ascorbic acid (vitamin c) in 1/2 cup 100ml of orange juice and
      stirred it rigorously until the crystals had dissolved to make it palatable to drink. I did this every two hours. Make sure the orange juice is fresh
      non-reconstituted orange juice. It must contain the pulp and have no preservatives. This can be purchased in bulk at the local supermarket. Using
      this method, I found the vitamin c palatable to consume. The powered form similar to what I used can be obtained from as they sell an excellent quality product.

      The vitamin c pills sold in supermarkets and drugstores are no good as they contain very little vitamin c and also contain binders, sweeteners, fillers, etc.

      2. I took the equivalent 5,000 mcg of selenium per day. I take the selenium in one dose and away from food or beverages as it can react with a lot of food, rendering it ineffective. A lot of people have reported that to achieve 5000 mcg in capsule form they need to consume at least 25 capsules daily. A Bulgarian chap who had the same success as myself, but he only used 12 x 200 mcg capsules per day.

      3. I also took 5 grams of pharmaceutical quality bi carb to keep my body’s PH level around 7.2. This I purchased in capsule form. Bi carb (Sodium Bi carbonate) from the local store or supermarket can be used, but make sure it doesn’t contain added aluminium. The common variety can be bitter to take and causes a lot of flatulence. Apparently cancer thrives in an acidic environment, so maintaining PH levels is obviously important. I was very acidic and it took two weeks to bring my body into balance. Going on a natural diet and by eliminating any processed foods,
      coffee, tea and alcohol ill will also correct the body’s PH balance, but it will take much longer to do this. The type I used can be purchased from a drug store. They sell it as an urinary alkanalizer and it is 100% sodium bi carbonate of soda and it comes in easy to take capsules. I took the 5 grams of Bi Carb in one dose just after breakfast.

      4. Tested myself regularly to make sure my ph levels remained in the normal band. Visit this website as this is the test strips that I used. I am sure you can source these locally.

      The first person to try my protocol, a chap from Bulgaria took a lot less of the above quantities (30 gram Vit. C, 2500 mcg selenium, 5 gram bi carb) and he recovered in six weeks as well.

      These days, I take vitamin c several times per day as I described in point 1. Some days, I take very little due to work or activities don’t permit. I take 2500 mcg of selenium five to six days per week and 3 grams of bi carb daily. This I call my maintenance regime as I don’t want MF to return.

      I would like to note, I am not a doctor, just a MF sufferer that is now in remission. I recommend anyone who reads my comments, to do their research. If not sure, always consult their health professional for advice.

      • Thank you for sharing this in such great detail – where do you get your liquid selenium?

      • Richard D. said

        The FDA’s tentacles extend to Australia and this wonderful product is banned here as it is claimed to be toxic. I get a company to manufacture for me.

      • John said

        Hello Dalt,

        Thanks for words of assurance. We have sodium selenite(liquid) on order and liposomal Vit C as well. Should cause less gastric distress than ascorbic acid as it is roughly 80% absorbable vs 20% for ascobic acid. Again thanks so much and I’ll keep you posted. Also found that some individulals can consume 30,000mcg /day over a period of 2 weeks with no ill effects.


      • Nadya said

        Hi John,

        Well, I haven’t been doing IV, due to expense, but have been taking 30 grams orally per day. Awaiting latest blood results now and will update you. I am taking the sodium selenite sublingually, as I was told that taking it orally can make you nauseous. I’ve also heard conflicting stories about how taking Vitamin C on the same days as the selenium can cause the selenium to chemically change into something dangerous. But Dalt did not have that experience, I know. What is your friend doing exactly?


      • Richard D. said

        In response to Nadya’s comment regarding selenium and vitamin c. The following information was supplied to me by a Medical Researcher who contacted me regarding my high selenium intake – “…sodium selenite when taken with vitamin C, zinc, copper, and other minerals combines or interacts in a manner such that the selenium becomes useless. It is therefore recommended that Sodium Selenite is taken 1 – 2 hours before meals
        or after meals or food and beverages.”

        This is the protocol I use when taking Selenium. I normally take my selenium during the night, well away from food and beverages and used filtered water (no Fluoride and Chlorine). Yes, selenium in high doses can cause nausea in the first instance, but it is advisable to build up to 5000 mcg over several weeks by starting on 1000mcg per day. This eliminates any nausea. Many cancer sufferers who start on 5000 mcg per day of selenium don’t get nausea, but these people were spirit drinkers. I gather their stomach is more conditioned to this type of intake. I wonder if this applies to hot curry eaters?

        Liquid Sodium Selenite can be used topically and I believe the absorption to the cellular level to be just as efficient. This method has been used when conducting a trial for CFS sufferers (Chronic fatigue syndrome) as a result of some suffering nausea at the onset of the trial.

        Hope this helps.

  25. John said

    Hello Nadya,

    How has your IV treatment performed. Hoping that you have had some positive results.


    • John said

      Hi Dalt

      Thanks for your additional information regarding liquid Sodium Selenite. Would you agree go slow 1000mcg/day increasing 1000mcg/day every 2 days away from foods building up to 5000mcg/day over a period of 1 week. Take Vit C in increasing amounts over the same period but 3 hours before or after taking sodium selenite. Jay will be using the Liposomal Vit C. as he found that taking 50,000mg Vit C (8000mg ascorbic acid 5 times/day) caused too much gastric distress. The plan is to take 10 packets(1000mg/pk) of LivOn liquid liposomal Vit C each day in 5 divided doses. With an 80% absorption rate it should provide 8000mg/day. Asorbic acid powder 40,000mg mixed with water or juice has about a 20% absorption rate which would theoretically provide 8000mg. Will let everybody know how we make out weekly during the treatment and if any problems should arise. Keep checking this website over the next 8weeks.


  26. John said

    Hi Dalt and Nadya,

    Just letting you know that Jay started his get well program December 6th. 2013. He has suffered from myelod fibrosis for approximately 2 years. He had used 6,000mg of Lypo-spheric C (from LivOn Laboratories) the previous 2 days, but is now taking 10,000mg(10 packets) in 3 divided doses of 3,000mg, 4,000mg, & 3,000mg throughout the day. He also started taking 100 drops(5mg) of sodium selenite Friday and has experienced no ill effects or stomach distress over the past three days. He awakes at 3 or 4am each morning and takes his 5mg of sodium selenite mixed with a little green tea.Then heads back to bed. I wondered whether he was nullifying the sodium selenite’s effect by doing that and advised him to just use water as it is tasteless. I hope he follows my advice. He wakes up later and has his breakfast and takes his Lypo-spheric Vit C 15 min prior before his meals. Dalt do you have any comment?

    • Richard D. said

      Hi John,

      The only criticism I can see is the lack of vitamin c. 10,000 mcg of Lypo C equates to 15 grams orally of vitamin c. This is well less than I took which in the early stages was at least 50 to 60 grams orally. When I made my own DIY Lypo C I still managed around 50 grams of vitamin c. The big problem I see with using commercial Lypo C is the following:

      1. People use very little as they assume that is all they need to self medicate

      2. To achieve the maximum amount of vitamin c saturation, commercial Lypo C would almost cost as much as IV injections without the benefit.

      If I was self treating with commercial Lypospheric C, I would be taking three times the amount Jay is taking.

      Live-on labs claim that Lypo C achieves 400+ umol/l which they state is as good as IV injections. This is inherently wrong. Oral vitamin C (18 g per day) gives a blood level of up to 220 umol/L. If you add DMSO to the oral vitamin c, it is possible to achieve 380+ umol/l. IV vitamin C (10 g) gives a blood level of approximately 5000 umol/L – A study states that vitamin C infusion achieves 25 to 30 mmol/L (= 25,000 to 30,000 umol/L).

      Refer this link for more details –

      • John said

        Hi Dalt,

        You have researched this thoroughly. I admit I was under the impression that based on the literature I read that Lypospheric C was 80% absorbed as compared to 20% absorption for oral ascorbic acid.Thus the dose could be reduced to 10,000mg/day and achieve the same saturation as taking 50,000mg of oral ascorbic acid. Also comparing Vit-C IV to Liv-On Labs Lypo-spheric, the claim is that being enclosed in a fat molecule it would be more readily absorbed by the cell thus requiring a lower amount of Vit-C in the plasma to achieve the same results as Vit-C IV. I will advise Jay of your recommendations to increase his dose to 30,000mg/day. After reading the information through the link you provided it appears that intra-cellular hydrogen peroxide created by high doses of Vit-C is the key. Whether the Vit-C needs to be absorbed by the cells first, is the question I would ask, in order to create the hydrogen peroxide through cellular respiration. He was getting 3 weekly treatments of 50,000mg Vit-C IV locally during the summer at the same time as DCA and experienced a rapid decline in his red blood cell count and thus discontinued treatment.


      • Richard D. said

        Hi John, According to Live-on 80% of vitamin c via their product is absorbed. Vitamin C taken orally, only 18-20% is absorbed and I believe this is accurate. For every 1000 mg of Lypospheric C, only around 300 mg is vitamin c. The balance is liposome and some nasty petroleum product. One must beware of marketing hype and this includes their claim that due to being encapsulated, more vitamin c is being delivered to the cellular level than IV. How could this be so?. Nothing beats putting a dose straight into the blood stream for effectiveness – 100% delivery.

        The problem with IV delivery, is that vitamin c is only retained in the blood stream for 2 hours. So, whilst an IV injection of 50,000 mg will provide a major hit of over 5,000 umol/L (compared to 400 umol/L from Lypospheric C), the secret is to continually dose during awake hours to maintain high levels of vitamin c at the cellular level (Klenner MD). Klenner also recommended those who have vitamin c via IV should also continually dose throughout the day orally.

        I refer back to my earlier posts. There are no short-cuts. The best one can achieve is via IV drip over night (6-8 hours), but unless one is well connected or can self medicate, this is a difficult proposition to achieve.

  27. Selenium Sodium Selenite Solution 2 Fl Oz

    […] rom foods building up to 5000mcg/day over a period of 1 week. Take Vit C in incr […]

  28. John said

    Hi Dalt,

    Thank you again. As from your previous posts you have accomplished your remission by taking 40,000 – 50,000mg oral Vit-C, (ascorbic acid) using 8-10gms(2 teaspoons) mixed in a glass of orange juice( not from concentrate) containing lots of pulp five times/ 2 hour intervals. At a separate time of day away from food or beverage (2hr min) you took 5,000mcg(100 drops) of sodium selenite once per day. To make your body more alkaline you consumed 5gms of sodium bicarbonate(aluminum free) mixed with water daily. You did this for a period of 36 days(5 weeks) and have maintained this regimen at a reduced dosage 8,000gm Vit-C (2 teaspoons) thoroughly mixed with pulpy orange juice 3 times/day and 2,500mcg of sodium selenite five to six times per week and have reduced your sodium bicarbonate to 3gms/day ever since. Jay will probably stay with the LivOn Labs Lypo-spheric C at the higher dosages for at least 5 weeks because of the gastric upset he experienced earlier consuming 50,000gms Vit-C crystals(ascorbic acid) daily. I will pass your comments on to him for his assurance including your recommendation to increase his dosage of Lypo-spheric C to 30,000gms/day. I want to thank you once again for taking the time to provide this information. I will keep you posted on Jay’s progress.

    Best regards and lots of luck,

    • John said

      Hi Dalt,

      PS – checked the Liv-On box and it states that each pkt contains 5.7ml containing Vitamin C(as sodium ascorbate) 1000mg; sodium (sodium ascorbate) 120mg. Essential Phospholipids (EPL) 1,000mg (from soy lecithin). Other ingredients: water and alcohol 12% by weight (as a natural preservative).

      Merry Christmas,

  29. nilesh said

    These discussions are awesome .my dad has myelofibrosis.i want use this protocol.if u guys come across any other things to share, please do it.thanks a ton

  30. John said

    Hi Dalt,

    Just to let you know Jay has completed roughly 5 weeks of following the program. He used 50 drops 2,500mcg of sodium selenite from Life Extension twice per day and took 10,000mg of the Liv-On Lypo-spheric Vit C in 3 divided doses. He looked tired and had some swelling in his lower legs that was quite painful (his doctors diagnosed cellulitis they were unaware of his self-treatment) might have been a side effect of the high doses 10,000mcg of sodium selenite. I advised him to cease taking the high amounts of sodium selenite after January 11th and the following week January 20th he was in good spirits and the swelling went down and the pain had ceased. He had been on a course of antibiotics for the previous week and it didn’t seem to help. Will be following up with a blood test in another week and will let you know.


    • John said

      Hi Dalt,

      Jay had a blood test a few weeks ago and there was a slight improvement in his red blood cell count which he hasn’t seen in the last couple of years. His white blood cell and platelet count are good as they have been the past 8 months. Hoping that he is on the road to recovery. He has been in good spirits the past month and he and his wife flew Sunday to Ft. Lauderdale,Florida on March 2nd.


      • Dalt said

        Hi John, Any positive results are good. Keep us informed and with luck, Jay will be in remission shortly.

        Some positive feedback from another MF sufferer who has been in remission for nearly four years, he has dropped his daily regime of vitamin c and only takes selenium occasionally now. He has monthly blood tests and no trace of MF. I still take vitamin c and selenium six days per week (2500 mcg). My blood tests indicate that my selenium levels are within the normal band.


  31. John said

    Hi Dalt,

    Jay has returned from Florida. While there he visited the Hippocrates Institute and a Doctor that does stem cell transplants. He visited us yesterday looking for advice on improving a very weak immune system. His red blood cell count dropped a little below 100 to 97 over a period of almost 30 days. His count fell much faster before. It appears we had some affect on his myelod fibrosis but not a complete remission. In my reading myelod fibrosis is a cancer that causes scarring of the bone marrow which inhibits the production of red blood cells. We supplied him with human strain probiotics and advised him to take large doses 200billion/day divided over 2 meals. We also supplied AOR Ultra Whey high in lactoferrin and alpha-lactalbumin. Also advised him to continue taking Sealogica a sea-vegetable product high in iodine and trace minerals and his CellFood that he has purchased in the past. He may have to repeat the regimen of high doses Vit C and sodium selenite later if he sees no progress. I will ask him to have his blood levels of selenium tested the next time he visits his doctor.


  32. Dalt said

    Hi John,

    Thanks for the update. I have found via blood tests that selenium increases the production of red blood cells. I have a medical paper somewhere that confirms this. Did Jay’s blood counts drop as a result of the Hippocrates treatment and if so, I assume he was off his vitamin c and selenium during this period.

    An interesting update from a chap in Bulgaria who has been in remission with his MF now for over three years. His daughter just reported that he hasn’t taken vitamin c for a long time now and only has selenium occasionally. He is tested monthly and there is no sign of the MF returning.

    For your interest, I take probiotics daily. My wife makes her own kefir using raw milk along with water kefir and kombucha. Drinking water kefir and kombucha with some sparkling mineral water is as good as drinking a nice glass of wine.


  33. nilesh said

    Dalt.. please tell me how many myelofibrosis sufferers u know had benefited from sodium selenite, sodium bicarbonate and vit c protocol?

    can i contact you directly on email?

    • nilesh said

      i m also confused whether to give my dad who is a myelofibrosis patient homemade lipo C or ascorbic acid powder as he starts having loose stools after having more than 12 gm of ascorbic acid daily.. please suggest

  34. nilesh said

    Dear friend
    Thanks for ur dad is fighting this desease from 5 years .he takes prednisolone
    I give him herbs but nowadays he has fever and enlarged spleen.he also has low 8.2 haemoglobin and 65000 platelet. I gave him vit c increasing slowly till he started having loose stools at 3 grams x 4 doses =12 grams a day.i have recently got sodium selenite powder and started giving him 2 mg twice.i have also started soda bicarb 2 gm x 2 times.please advice if sonething comes in your will be great help

  35. nilesh said

    please reply me

  36. John said

    Hi Dalt,

    Jay is trying to follow your regimen once again and has been on it for the past week. Takes 5000mcg of liquid sodium selenite(100 drops in a little water) about 5:00am a few hours away from food. He mixes a tsp 4000mgs of Vit C in a glass of orange juice(Tropicana with lots of Pulp) about 10 times per day. However was in yesterday and complained of diarrhoea. How did you manage? How large(oz/glass) was your glass of juice, how many glasses per day and how much Vit C per glass?
    I suggested he sip slowly throughout the day. Not sure whether that will help. He also is taking 5gm of sodium bicarbonate (aluminum free) per day.


    • Brian said

      Hi John, how is your friend Jay doing? Has the Vit C/Selenium protocol had any positive effect on his MF over the last several months?

  37. Sophie said

    Hi Richard, You said i one of previous notes: <> I wanna ask about time and dividing the daily dosage of your suples. I found selenium, but the manufacturer says not to take it with vit. C according to poorer availability. It messes me up.

    • Richard said

      The manufacture is correct. Take the selenium 1 hour either side of food or beverages. Selenium can react with naturally occurring sulphur in foods.

      • Rosemary Russo said

        Hello Richard,
        I am in Australia, and have been guided by Mark, founder of Nutritional Oncology Research Institute (NORI – California) who responded a couple of times, earlier in this sequence of communications. I have rectal cancer which I fully believe to be curable, and Mark has been supplying me with liquid sodium selenite, Vitamin K3 and other supplements that are tumouricidal. I want to avoid disfiguring surgery. I have decided to have treatment abroad, where I can access IV sodium selenite and other treatments outlawed in Australia. Australian doctors are so phobic of delivering complimentary treatments because of the threat of deregistration. It’s illegal for them to suggest anything other than surgery, radiotherapy and chemo. So the scary thing is that they all ‘play the same tune’, which can erroneously give the impression that conventional treatments offer the only one safe way to move forward, when what underpins their consistency is fear of struck from the medical register. This recently happened to the only doctor in Australia (Melbourne) who was administering Insulin Potentiation Therapy. An oncologist reported her so now we have to go abroad if we want IPT! I would be so grateful if you would reply to me about your protocol. The plan is to be treated at the clinic for 8 weeks and then to be guided in follow-up treatment at home. I’m even looking at Photodynamic Therapy (PTD) as a ‘second’ line of defence because rectal cancers are considered accessible, and therefore, treatable with PDT. Of course, sodium selenite would be high on my list of ‘to do’ supplements, until I know that I have had a complete response and am cancer free. I look forward to hearing from you.

      • Richard D. said

        Hi Rosemary, I don’t think you need IV sodium selenite. Administering SS orally is almost as efficient as IV in achieving cellular saturation. I have read cases where SS taken orally has cured terminal conditions such as yours. I have regular blood tests conducted to measure my selenium levels and it is very efficient administered orally. If you want a copy of my pathology tests, I will be more than happy to supply them. Another consideration is to use Cannabis Oil as a suppositary. I have read where this has cured rectal cancer as well. Basically, I took 5000 mcg of sodium selenite orally per day for several years. Initially, I divided the doses into 2 x 2500 mcg as it can cause nausea until your body adapts to the SS. I also recommend building up to 5000 mcg over two weeks. This also prevents any nausea. If you want to talk or get a copy of my pathology tests, send me your email and I will forward you my details.

  38. Rosemary Russo said

    Hello Richard,
    I’m so heartened by your response. I’d like very much to have dialogue with you. My email address is ‘’. I look forward to communication.

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