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the problems with vaccinations

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on March 10, 2010

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Cancer Recovery Guide: 15 Alternative and Complementary Strategies for Restoring Health

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Vaccination Issues

The major problems with vaccinations are firstly that they are tools of coercion medicine. It is easy (but surely not wise) to argue that everyone should be innoculated ‘for the good of the herd’ – but this is an argument that I do not understand. If vaccinations work then those who are vaccinated are protected and those that aren’t aren’t. If I choose not to protect myself then what’s it to you? It is hubristic in the extreme to argue that we need to eliminate disease. The day we have eliminated disease is the day we ourselves will die because our body systems would no longer have anything to challenge them. I prefer to have a flu than a flu vaccination.

But of course the real concern about vaccinations is the potential harm they can cause. And there are stories about Gardasil, the new anti-cervical cancer vaccination. A fuller account of this and other issues can be found at

But cervical cancer can be prevented by other means – here is one account: ”   It appears that megadose folic acid eliminates cervical dysplasia (a cervical cancer precursor) which is associated with (and thought to be a result of) HPV-16. At least, folic acid eliminated dysplasia in three different woman that were patients of my private practice–all with severe dysplasia and having had cone biopsies. All three had completely normal PAP tests after 3 months on 20-40,000 micrograms of folic acid taken orally in concert with a broad spectrum nutritional supplement program.


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