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Arthritis and Borax

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on March 3, 2010

Arthritis and cancer are related – both are inflammatory conditions – what cures one often cures the other. There’s really a lot of info on this site so do browse. This supports and extends the info and critical discussion in my two cancer books.  For more information go to

“This book tells me everything. Why didn’t my doctor tell me this?”- Rev. Bill Newbern

Arthritis and Borax (Boric Acid)

The following is a series of posts on the subject of using Borax to help cure arthritis pain – and how much to use:

There are two rough and ready “measurements” of the dose – one says that
you dip your moistened finger in the borax up to the first knuckle, the
other that you do the same to your “fingertip”.

So you buys your borax and you makes your choice.

It’s a pretty small quantity, rather similar to a pinch. I guess your
pinch will vary according to how big your hands are, just like your
fingertip or knuckle measurement.


Using Borax for arthritis is an old remedy. Since we made this
information available I have had a number of older people tell me that
their grandparents used to lick the end of their finger, dip it in the
powder and lick off the Borax to rid them of their joint pain. Borax is
in the washing powder section of the supermarket.


Over the past 3 months, I have taken a pinch of borax internally
and have not found it toxic, to date.

? I also use Borax ( pinch in water ) internally to kill the fungus; is
that okay ?


In practice taken in small amounts such as a small pinch are generally
do not have problems. Most contaminants I found actually don’t come from
those, but from common things we consume everyday are more toxic such as
tap water which have more contaminants. ”

ADVERSE REACTIONS Doses up to 18 mg of boron daily appear to be safe for
adults even if taken for prolonged periods of time. There is no evidence
that boron is either carcinogenic or mutagenic. No adverse effects have
been observed in either premenopausal or postmenopausal women using
boron supplements.

Ted replies, “Borax is quite safe if the amount is used small enough and
diluted greatly in a water, such as 1/8 teaspoon diluted in one full
liter of water. It is quite possible to reduce that further such as
using the same amount in even 5 liters of water, which amounts to 1/(8 x
5) = 1/40 of a teaspoon, assuming an average person drinks 5 liters of
water in a day.

(If you are not happy with a litre, call it two pints, or a quart. – R)

Another said: i use 2 tbsp borax to 2 qts. warm water and pour it over my head about 3
times then massage my scalp then rinse. i almost forgot to mention i
don’t need a conditioner or detangling rinse. This makes me really happy
because i’m trying to reduce or eliminate chemicals on my skin and
body.I use borax water to dampen my hair before a hairset too.

Re: Borax and Boric acid – Borax is not the same as Boric acid. The latter is poisonous.

Thank you for the comments and I have edited the article accordingly


7 Responses to “Arthritis and Borax”

  1. K Anderson said

    Boron will deplete vitamin B2, riboflavin, so people should be very careful using this Borax method. Why not just take boron? in combination with other minerals since minerals tend to get out of balance if taken in an isolated fashion.

    For people with arthritis, I also suggest magnesium — and test your home for mold and go on an anti-yeast diet (William Crook’s “The Yeast Connection” is an excellent guide to diet).

    Do not eat grains — they contain Aspergillus, which will potentiate the yeast effect and thus, the pain.

  2. Bird said

    An excellent natures products that can bring realistic healing to arthritis without side effects. You might add anti-inflammatory enzymes which can go a long way to relieve pain and repair damage. A few well known ones are Bromelain from pineapple, Papain from papaya, Serrapeptase Serratia peptidase. Also a cream or oil that has cayenne in it shuts down pain receptors and is one of the only herbs known through scientific research to actually reverse arthritis.

  3. Jenny said

    Please don’t confuse borax for boric acid – they are not the same!! Boric acid is poison and should not be ingested. See here.

  4. Yassin said

    I agree with Jenny. Boron, Borax and Boric acid are TWO different things. Boron another word for Borax and in salt form while boric acid is acid. Many uses for borax/boron not boric acid. All acids are corrosive and must be handle with care.

  5. Brian said

    Bad article with poor information that still hasn’t been corrected nearly 4 yrs later. Extremely irresponsible. Both Yassin and Jenny are correct, Borax is NOT boric acid, it’s sodium tetraborate and does not become acid in water. Shame on this site for not correcting it. One has to combine Borax with hydrochloric acid to produce boric acid. Get your facts straight.

  6. I have now edited it to clarify. Thank you for your comments

  7. bo jangles said

    Boric acid isn’t very poisonous either. Borax mixes with the HCL in your stomach and becomes boric acid then, shocker, you don’t die(Sodium fluoride on the other hand reacts with HCL to form the ever friendly Hydrofluoric acid that can eat through glass). But the two boron compounds do have different hormonal effects it appears that Borax makes you somewhat hyperthyroid, increasing t3 and test in men.

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