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Intravenous vitamin C – source & alternatives

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on December 30, 2009

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Intravenous Vitamin C Source & alternatives

The following information is provided by Leonard:

V vit. C (IVC) is effective w/ovarian cancer.

According to (which has enormous success treating cancer w/IVC), if one uses noncorn-derived vit. C, the cancer doesn’t develop a resistance to the vit. C.
1 such product, Ascor L NC (vit. C from cassava) can be purchased available from
http://www.mcguffmedical. com/images/ pdf_Files/ 2006Catalog. pdf; 800-854-7220)
Merritt Pharmaceuticals also makes non-GMO-corn- derived IVC.

>they say that if you take too much Vitamin C it will just go on our through your urine

Yes, it is excreted thru the urine, BUT if the dosage is high enough it will kill cancer cells and viruses and bacteria and fungi (and boost immunity) before it reaches the bladder.

IVC’s essentially a different therapy than oral vit. C (which is also beneficial for most cancer patients) because it allows one to achieve enormously higher blood levels of vit. C than can be obtained by oral vit. C.
The exception is:
LIPOSOMAL (aka lyposomal) vit. C (taken orally) allow one to get huge concentrations of vit. C (amounts comparable to IV vit. C) into cancer cells (which isn’t possible w/other oral vit. C products because of diarrhea).
http://www.livonlabs. com and Liposome Labs http://www.lipoflow. com and probably [least expensive] http://www.letstalkhealth. com are good brands
“LivonLabs…said…some people with cancer are taking up to 15 a day”

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