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Chris Teo’s Prostate Cancer book reviewed

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on December 4, 2009

The Big Book: Cancer: The Complete Recovery Guide

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“This book tells me everything. Why didn’t my doctor tell me this?” – Rev Bill Newbern

Prostate Cancer Healed Naturally by Chris Teo.

Chris Teo is a Malaysian botanist who has become famous in S.E. Asia for his Penang cancer centre where he uses Chinese herbs to help people live healthily without pain for many years after they have been told by their doctors that they will soon die.

I have had the good fortune to meet Professor Teo and I am very impressed by his work – on which he keeps meticulous records. If and when I ever get cancer, Chris will be among the first resources that I will choose to access.

His new prostate cancer book is out. It contains real life stories of people he has helped to recover. His simple personal narrative gives a clear introduction to Chris’s approach. Chris has developed over 80 herbal mixtures developed not just for different cancers but for different symptoms.

Prostate Cancer Healed Naturally
by Dr. Chris K. H. Teo, (c) 2010
ISBN 978-983-2590-24-8

If you need to contact him here are his details

5, Lebuhraya Gelugor,
11600 Penang, Malaysia.
Tel: 604-6595881 Fax: 604-6580422



2 Responses to “Chris Teo’s Prostate Cancer book reviewed”

  1. jashan said

    please give me dr.chris .k.h teo ,s current phone number and address to save my mother.

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