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Onion cures?

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on December 3, 2009

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I eat a lot of onions in my food- to the point where I sometimes tend to sweat sulphurous smells. Below are some suggestions for using onions against flu. But I take the view that if onions are beneficial against the flu they may very well have health benefits against cancer. So here are some postings that others have made on the use of onions:

The humble onion, best protection against the flu?
> A few day’s ago I was surfing the net looking for Swine Flu
> news when I stumbled upon a post on Above Top Secret You can
> beat Swine Flu and pneumonia!( No vaccination definitely!)
> Intrigued I read the thread with interest because the author
> was claiming you could beat The Swine Flu and Pneumonia with
> the humble Onion!
> He told a story of when he was young he became very sick
> with Pneumonia, with a very high fever and breathing
> problems, his parents where beside themselves and out of
> desperation resorted to an old wives tale from his grandmother.
> The boy’s mother chopped an onion, placed it into a bowl and
> poured boiling water onto the onion and placed the bowl
> beside the boy’s bed, the boy much to his parents surprise
> woke up the next morning with no fever and breathing normal
> and feeling very very hungry.
> Well I found it a very interesting story but didn’t think
> much more about it.
> I have dodgy lungs, I had Pneumonia twice last year and hell
> would freeze over before I consider having a vaccine, so you
> can imagine these are nervous times for me and yesterday
> evening I arrived home feeling rough with laboured breathing.
> My wife suggested I should try chopping an onion with
> boiling water, I laughed but said why not.
> So as the guy said, I chopped up an onion put it into a bowl
> and poured in the boiling water, I placed the bowl on my
> bedside table and I went to bed, I must say I slept soundly
> and yes, when I woke up I felt fine and my breathing was
> normal, it works!
>My Greatgrandma was a firm believer in onion poltices, where cooked
onions were slathered deeply over the chest and covered by a flannel
cloth for congestion.


Garnet wrote:
> This is an interesting folk remedy and one that reminds me
> of the practice of
> baking an onion wrapped in foil so that the juices collect.
> The juices are then
> used orally, a teaspoon or two at a time, as a treatment for
> severe lung congestion.
> ————————————————-

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