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Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on October 8, 2009 news

It is known that piperine, a component of black pepper, helps increase metabolic uptake of curcumin – and that’s good. But just adding black pepper to the curcumin mix is inefficient as the piperine content of black pepper is only about 3%

So here is one suggestion – by S.N. –  for extracting purified piperine (use at your own discretion):

“Some surprisingly easy methods for extracting Peperine from black pepper from http://www.curevent showthread. php?t=25598.

I have a great deal of experience extracting piperine using househould items and have 27g of pure yellow crystals sitting on my desk at this moment. Here is how I do it.

Microwave(*1) ~100g of crushed black pepper spread out on a plate; make sure you have a small glass of water also in the microwave to prevent feedback to the magnetron. Shake this microwaved pepper in a mason jar with either denatured alcohol from a harware store or anhydrous isopropyl alcohol(*2) (IPA, rubbing alcohol) for about 10 minutes.

You now need to filter out the solids from this mix. I usually make a two stage filter out of the top half of a 1 liter water bottle, a generic cooking funnel, and a few coffee filters.

http://img468. imageshack. us/img468/ 5346/filtersetup 1rt.gif

Once this finishes filtering you can then evaporate the solvents off the piperine by pouring the solution into a pan with a large surface area and very gently heating it (I sometimes just let it sit without heat for a day or so when lazy). This should leave you with a sticky yellow crystaline substance with bits of brown gel mixed in (this brown is chavacine, responsible for the smell of pepper). Scrape this mix up and disolve in acetone, filter again, then recrystalize by either evaporating off the solvent or dumping the solution into a liter or two of ice cold water.

This should leave you with fairly pure piperine.

(1) Microwaving black pepper in a non-polar solvent (or by itself) will tend to cause cell rupture allowing for easier extraction of piperine. http://rapidshare. de/files/ 6610631/Microwav e_assisted_ extraction_ of_piperine. pdf.html

(2) You can make dry IPA fairly easily. Buy epsom salts from a grocery store and heat in the oven for ~15 minutes to drive off moisture. Put an appreciable amount of now dry epsom salts into the rubbing alcohol and shake like mad for a minute. Filter the mix and you should have pure IPA without water. It’s best to start with 91% IPA if possible but 70% will do.”


4 Responses to “piperine”

  1. David Mashburn said

    Very interesting–can you tell me -how long did you microwave the Black Pepper?-thank you -sincerly-David

  2. Nicole said

    I would like to buy piperine instead of make it, do u no anyone (maybe youtself): who sells this

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