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shingles and essential oils that cured

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on October 3, 2009 news

If anyone is plagued with shingles, my experience may help.

My daughter has had bouts w/ shingles for years– usually stress triggers them. They always begin with tender red spots which then quickly turn into itchy blisters which drain and are incredibly painful and look worse! They take from 3-6 weeks (of horrible looking and painful sores) before they finally fade away. Nothing the dr. has given her has ever helped.

Several months ago she was about to begin a new job and of course, she got the first signs of shingles and she called me for help. I made up the following essential oil recipe: 10 drops bergamot, 6 drops lemon, 4 drops eucalyptus and 10 drops geranium to 1 TBSP coconut oil. I also gave her a bottle of lavender eo. I told her to put a drop of “neat” lavender (full strength) on the beginning sores, then put the eo recipe on them. Do this every couple of hrs.

Since she is the ultimate skeptic and bc nothing she has ever tried has worked, she knew this wouldn’t work either but bc she was desperate, she said she’d do anything. The next day she called me and was amazed that the redness hadn’t progressed to the blisters, so she kept putting on the oils. She was shocked that within 3 days it was all gone.

Hope somebody can use this. It’s worth a try if anyone here has been plagued w/ this horrible condition.



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