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Chris Teo’s herbal approach

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on July 31, 2009 news

I am currently in Penang and spending a lot of time with Chris Teo who is a retired professor of Botany – in fact Maysia’s orchid expert – who on his retirement accidentally became a herbal healer of cancer. Although he uses Chinese herbs he does not consider himself a Chinese herbalist – mainly because he approaches the subject as scientifically as he can. One way or another he has formulated some 80 herbal mixes for a wide range of cancers and symptoms – he has a pain relief tea for example that is by all accounts very fast acting. He is having a lot of success keeping people alive (people who should be dead) – he never claims to ‘cure’ cancer merely help people to be happier and healthier than they were. For those who want to read more of his work go to his website at


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