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Why iodine?

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on May 25, 2009 news

According to Lyne, the reason iodine is important is as follows:

Iodine deficiency is greatly implicated as one of the leading causes of most of the endocrine cancers; breast, ovarian, endometrial, prostate, thyroid, adrenal and possibly even pancreatic. In all of the studies of women with breast, ovarian, and endometrial cancers, none of them had normal iodine levels when tested. Many of them had been diagnosed as hypothyroid years before.
> I know your question was about cancers, but iodine deficiency is also very related to infertility, repeated miscarriages, chronic fatigue, Fibromyalgia, heart disease, breast & ovarian cysts, headaches, parotid gland cysts, many of the other autoimmune diseases such as arthritis (rheumatoid, psoriatic, juvenile, and Polymyalgia Rheumatica), Crohn’s, MS, Lupus, Scleroderma, Sjogren’s, possibly glaucoma, and even Parkinsons.
> Most people rely on getting enough iodine via iodized salt. As I’m sure everyone already knows, iodized salt is a chemical nightmare and does not contribute anything towards health or wellness. And if you live in the Goitre Belt (in the U.S. that would be most of the midwest) the soil is naturally devoid of iodine. Unless cattle and other animals are supplemented with iodine, they become infertile. Other goitre belt regions exist on other continents. Iodine is greatly involved in our ability to utilize proteins (either animal or plant proteins). If a person is iodine deficient, they will likely be protein deficient no matter HOW much protein they consume. So in the case of cancer, because body and tissue wasting is such an issue, it is imperative that iodine is supplemented so that we enable to body to fight on all levels.
> Because iodine is very related to the overall integrity of the immune system, one cannot dismiss a possible deficiency when working on any overall health issues. I have had so many people ask me, “Well if I had a iodine deficiency, then I would have a goitre right?” Not necessarily. Iodine is fantastic for removing heavy metals from the body. And it is the only thing that removes flouride and bromide from the body. Iodine is known to induce apoptosis in in any cells that would be a threat to body. Especially cancer cells and viral cells. And wouldn’t you know; chemotherapy and radiation are known to wipe out just about all of it from our body.
> It is not just our thyroid, nor even just the endocrine system that utilizes an iodine pump. The ovaries are the second biggest consumer of iodine after the thyroid. But the stomach, skin, thymus, salivary glands, choroid plexus in the brain (this what makes our cerebralspinal fluid), the arteries, joints, and bone also depend on iodine.
> As much as I love Colloidal Silver, check this out about iodine:
> * a 1% solution of iodine will kill 90% of bacteria in 90 seconds. At 5% (Lugol’s Solution) it will kill bacteria in 60 seconds.
> * iodine is effective against not only bacteria and viruses, but also fungi and protozoa. Which is why it is still used in hospitals all over the world today to prep the skin prior to surgery. It has also been used in general medicine and dentistry for more than 100 years. It was well documented during the Influenza epidemic of 1918 & 1919 as an effective preventative.
> I hope this helps shed some light on the wonders of iodine and why we should be putting that in the water VS fluoride.
> Lyne

One Response to “Why iodine?”

  1. Marta said

    thanks lyne.

    you stopped short of advising the use of kelp tablets. in lieu of fresh water fish of certain genus. i used kelp tablets to stop a dastardly sinusitis infection that i had had for almost 3 years on and off when i read that exhausted adrenals caused the anti histimine to flood the body. i still can’t believe it worked. 2 months now–but i also kept taking vitamins and other minerals and herbs. one to stop tinnitis which worked– all herbal– tumeric for inflammation, e,c, and selenium, folic acid we are only as good as our last performance so if i am low in any or a few of these it will return. until i get my body up to speed but one has to keep it there.

    filtered water with ph of 10 or above is also the key.

    general idea is to have body working at optimum–and one’s age is a 60-mom is 93-

    take care

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