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prostate biopsies, anyone?

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on May 4, 2009 news:

One of the most interesting health circulars that I receive is Hans Larson’s – in this issue he discusses the vaccination-autism controversy – and a surprising dietary ‘cure’ for autism in young children that appears to be having good results.

On the subject of biopsies for prostate cancer he says this:
The biopsy procedure can be likened to trying to answer the question—does this blueberry muffin really contain blueberries? The muffin is wrapped in opaque plastic and one proceeds probe with hollow needles looking for

blueberry pulp in the cores. The probability of getting a positive answer when there are in fact blueberries present depends upon the number of needles used or the number of cores taken, the number of blueberries and their distribution and size.

There are also articles on breast cancer and melatonin and vitamin D .

Here’s the link


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