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Mangosteen juice cancer cure

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on April 3, 2009 news

This is the personal testimony of an anonymous parent (it is therefore not to be trusted – but not necessarily distrusted):

“Our 22 month old was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma at the age of 7 months. SHe fought for long months with no change of size in tumor. Radiation nor chemo did anything to this stubborn tumor.

Our 22 month old daughter was put on Mangosteen by the grace of God. I will tell all of you that it started after I ran into a man randomly and he began to tell me about Xango Mangosteen juice. I was very skeptical and reluctant about this juice, but I was devastated about her status and was ready to try anything at any cost! I got on the internet and reviewed many things about this juice…the only thing I came up with is that it sounded promising and that it would not hurt my daughter no matter what…but what really got me to try it was that it was actually listed under the American Cancer Society. SO, we called the man up that talked to us and told him we were ready to try it out on her. He kindly sent us a free bottle just to prove to us that it was not a joke or a hoax that someone was just out to make a buck for. He uses it himself and told us to let him know about any results b/c he knew there would be some.

We put our daughter on it the same day that it came ( which was 3 days later) 2 WEEKS BEFORE HER LAST SET OF SCANS TO SEE cancer activity. We gave her 1/2 an ounce 2 times a day and then after one week started giving her 1 oz. a day twice a day. The miracle of it all is that she was down from a 90 percent prognosis to a 1 percent prognosis because before the juice, nothing helped..not chemo, not radiation, nothing…. ALL of the sudden a week before her last biopsy, we started the mangosteen juice. They had told us that the biopsy pretty much just showed them exactly what the scans already did…cancer activity…but it would be a little more acurate! They knew that there was activity just not how much at the time. ANyway, they told us that it had came down to experimental drugs at St. Judes unless a MIRACLE was in the making. WELL, RESULTS CAME! THEY CALLED US AND TOLD US THAT OUR DAUGHTER HAD NO CANCER CELLS IN HER BODY at all AND THAT SHE WAS IN REMISSION (CANCER FREE). THey just could not understand how this happened. The doctor was in shock but was crying b/c of the miracle. But, we know that by the grace of God and the man who gave us this mangosteen juice, thAT it was proof enough for us why it had all changed within one whole week.


Note: The Cancer Survivor’s Bible (2012) is now available – see

“This book is more valuable than gold.”



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