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artemisin and leukemia

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on March 24, 2009

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Reprinted from a Yahoo ‘Cancercured’ chat group:

Look up “artemisin and Dr. Singh and Dr. Lai”.

These 2 doctors are studying the wormwood plant (artemisinin is derived from). The best results they have found is on leukemia. Artemisinin is used to treat Malaria and, except for North America, is an acceptable treatment. It gets into cells and reacts with iron, destroying the cell. Cancer cells are very high in iron. I think Malaria patients take it for 2 years so it is assumed safe…in appropriate doses. I buy artemix and it is very expensive (about $2 per pill) but when I started to take it, one of the tumors started to shrink substantially. As with most of us on alternative “healing tools”, I do not know if it is the Artemesinin responsible for the reduction or the emotional work I had done as they coincided.

I think in vitro Artemisinin killed 100% of Leukemia cells in 8 hours and 80% of breast cancer cells. I have breast cancer. Most websites I read about this stuff say to take it alongside a comprehensive plans so it just may be a jump-start for BP.

I emailed Dr. Singh and he answered me right away with the right dosage. They are working out of a university in or near Seattle WA. You may want to send him an email and outline your situation.


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2 Responses to “artemisin and leukemia”

  1. Ryan said

    Artemisia annua (Sweet Wormwood, Sweet Annie, Sweet Sagewort 1) herb is a tropical plant used to treat malaria and is toxic against breast cancer and prostate cancer. Also, the herb has shown favorable pre-clinical results against leukemia and other cancer

  2. JUDY A. TORRES said

    I have a best friend with leukima i would like to know more on this plant and how much should he take. i so disapointed in the doctors who do not beleive in vitimans or altrantive medes. and more more positive sotorys i would like to hear about.

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