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Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on March 16, 2009

Whether or not you continue on with the chemo, (assuming you had an operation to remove the tumor) take the following steps:

1. Follow a cancer diet very closely. Do not eat meat, sugar, dairy, peanut butter, refined foods, fried foods, bad oils, etc!

2. Immediately start taking supplements that will block the spread of cancer (angiogenesis) . I’m not sure of the best, but I’ve heard that modified citrus pectin is very good in this regard.

3. If you are taking any iron and/or copper supplements, stop those immediately.

If you choose to take chemo, I would push very hard to see if your doctor would allow you to get glutathione injections along with the chemo to block the damage that can be done by oxaliplatin. I suffered severe damage from oxaliplatin, and kick myself daily for not being more obnoxious in terms of harassing the doctor about glutathione injections. There are several scientific studies on the web discussing the benefits of glutathione injections along with oxaliplatin.

If you choose not to do chemo, then there are, of course, many other recommendations on this (and similar boards). Stay with the anti cancer diet and consider adding the following:

artemisinin — especially effective on gastric intestinal cancers due to their high iron content.

Low Dose Naltrexone

Carrot and other veggie juices

Oleander extract (Sutherlandia OPC)

Immune system boosters such as beta glucan, ABM mushroom capsules, and/or possibly mixed mushroom capsules (oleander is also animmune system booster).

Flaxseed oil / cottage cheese. See the Budwig newsgroup on how to make this — there is also a video on Youtube on how to make it.

Pancreatic enzymes — read up on Dr. Kelley’s view of cancer and how to heal it with pancreatic enzymes — very interesting!

You may also consider Paw Paw if you want to do a low ATP protocol. Using Paw Paw will mean you have to cut out some of the other supplements possibly — do some research on Paw Paw and see which other supplements should be left out.

Liver / gall bladder flushes

Enemas, including coffee enemas. (When you are fully healed from any operations to the intestinal tract.

Exercise in moderation — consider a rebounder. I think Walmart has them for as low as $35.

Address the emotional issues involved with your cancer. If you hate your life, odds are much steeper that you will not recover. You may be forced to fix your life, and to find (or re-find) your spiritual nature. Endorphins kill cancer!!! Endorphins are blocked when you hate your life, hate other people, and/or hate God. Yes, it is easy to have a lot of despair and to hate God when you get cancer. Let go of hate, and let the love in. If people cannot be supportive of you, you will have to let them go, but without hating them.

And research, research, research to the degree that you can.

Note: The Cancer Survivor’s Bible (2012) is now available – see

“I work with cancer patients and found this book incredible helful to them (and me and my work colleagues).”



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