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Magnesium chloride oil

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on February 18, 2009

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According to Renee Magnesium chloride oil is “simply the left over waste product from making sea salt via the sun evaporation method.  At a certain point the sodium drops out of the ocean water and falls to the bottom of the ponds.  There’s the rest of the stuff floating on top, that gets siphoned off–this is mag oil.  Apparently each product gets named depending on how much filtration it has had.  SeaCrop, Global Light’s mag oil, then Ancient Minerals mag oil.  Nigari falls in line at the end, because the mag oil has been further dehydrated into flakes.  And it is called food grade.  Sooooo–apparently they think all mag oil is food grade because they never state that they’ve put the liquid through any filters before drying into flakes–at least not that I have read.
Here’s from a site selling nigari flakes
Extracted from sea water by removing most or all of the sodium chloride and water, it contains primarily magnesium chloride plus all the other salts and trace minerals naturally found in sea water.
Natural nigari is derived from sea water and is the mineral-rich residue that slowly drips off moist sea salt and is then sun-dried. “

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