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Italian doctor gets into trouble using alternative therapies

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on February 11, 2009

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“This book tells me everything. Why didn’t my doctor tell me this?”- Rev. Bill Newbern

No Chemotherapy to cancer patients: doctor suspended

Giuseppe Nacci will not be allowed to practise medicine for 4 months. “The Order of Doctors does not accept my course of treatment”

By Pietro Comelli

Suspended from practising medicine for 4 months. This is the disciplinary sanction decided by the Order of Doctors of Trieste against doctor Giuseppe Nacci, born in Trieste. The sanction was signed by outgoing president Mauro Melato and became effective on 20th December last after the decision taken by the Commissione Centrale per gli Esercenti e le Professioni Sanitarie (Central Commission for Tradespeople and Health Professions) in Rome, which had reduced the sanction after Dr Nacci’s appeal. In fact, a suspension of 6 months – the most severe sanction before striking off – had originally been requested in 2005. Dr Nacci can now appeal to the Italian Supreme Court. His appeal will not, however, avoid his being suspended until 21st April.

Dr Nacci’s position is very delicate: as a matter of fact the Order of Doctors disputes his non-conventional medical treatments, which are considered incorrect. These treatments are given to cancer patients who, coming especially from outside Trieste, turn to the medical practice Fisiosan, at number 21 of Via Genova. This brings back the most sensational “Di Bella’s case”, as Dr Nacci himself maintains that “he treats cancers by stimulating the immune response, thus avoiding Chemotherapy”. His metabolic therapy uses vitamins and makes patients follow a correct diet. Proposing this kind of therapy, Dr Nacci made “Mille Piante per guarire dal Cancro senza Chemio” available on the Internet. The essay was also translated into English in the USA with the title “Thousand Plants against Cancer without Chemo-Therapy”

and published on several American Web sites, such as that of the National Health Federation. Dr Nacci also published the book “Diventa Medico di Te Stesso” (“Become your own doctor”), receiving some prices and awards in recognition of his literary activity, including the “Sigillo Trecentesco” (“Fourteenth-Century Seal”) from the city of Trieste. The official award took place in the Council Hall in November 2007, but was criticised by the Order of Doctors of Trieste, which informed the then Minister of Health Livia Turco, highlighting the fact that disciplinary proceedings were already hanging over the doctor, who had already been suspended for two months. After one year, the procedure has taken its course and Dr Nacci has been suspended again. But he does not give in. “I am worried about the patients I am treating. What will happen to them now? Until 21st April I will not be allowed to treat them”, says the Italian medical doctor. During the last few days he sent a letter to his patients in order to inform them: “Because of the sanction imposed, I am forced to leave you”. The letter sent to the patients is accompanied by the sentence of the Italian Supreme Court regarding the principle of doctors’ freedom in choosing the medical treatment. The 38 patients Dr Nacci is referring to include two patients suffering from brain tumour, ten from breast cancer, three from lung cancer… According to Dr Nacci, these cases have been in therapy for many years and were at risk to develop a metastasis and now do not show recidivism or a residual lesion. Dr Nacci’s patients come above all from North East Italy, but also from Naples, Rome and Messina. In addition to the letter informing them about the suspension, Dr Nacci sent to all of them another letter to be sent to the Court for the patients’ rights of Trieste. This is an extreme attempt to defend himself by asking for help from the patients who gave him a written “informed consensus” to carry out his therapy. A kind of confidence agreement between doctor and patient.

This is highly criticised by the Order of Doctors of Trieste, which does not want to issue any comment but only confirms that the doctor was suspended, as shown by the decision notification sent to all relevant institutions and even displayed at some chemists’. But Dr Nacci replies: “They do not accept my course of treatment and my position, but when the suspension ends I am going to resume my activity. These 38 cases are only a tenth of my patients, who then generally ask their own GPs to follow them. Whereas I had a stable relation with a small part, i.e. these 38 cases. There is not only chemotherapy”.

From the local newspaper “IL PICCOLO” of Trieste, page 21, 2nd January 2009.

Note: The Cancer Survivor’s Bible (2012) is now available – see

“The section on conventional treatments was rivetting.”


7 Responses to “Italian doctor gets into trouble using alternative therapies”

  1. Giovanni said

    it is incredible that we continue this way in Italy. People who work well and save the people who are unable to work, while the outlaws still at large.
    Cancer is a stupid disease. The therapies to treat and to cure the cancer there are, just knowing how to search.

    Thank you


  2. Giovanni said

    if you want to see another link that talks about all the work done by Dr. Nacci click here

    by john

  3. Dr. Nacci is one of too few good doctors who refuse to perpetuate the lies of the “medical establishment.”

    It’s the way of this world to call what is “good,” “evil” and what is “evil” “good.”

    The people that have received all the accolades for medical achievements are those who “comply” with the big pharmaceutical and medical machinery. Those who have actually found proven ways, are deprecatingly mislabeled “alternative medicine,” doctors or scientists.

    But for those who have used and benefited from the “alternative medicine” knowledge, regaining their lives back from the “jaws of death,” are forever grateful for the giants who have stood against the heartlessness, greed and lies of modern medicine.

    Dr. Cassie, Dr. Rife, Dr. Hulda Clark and many others are the true heroes of “modern medicine.” The persecution of these dear and caring people is only rivaled by the holocaust of Nazi Germany.

    The lies continue to be perpetrated on the world and the American public because the propaganda and “blinding ignorance” of people is so widespread.

    Maintaining the medical untruth, that they, and they alone have the best way and the only effective way to handle any health issue. Not to mention, the huge ongoing campaign to ridicule and mock, any alternative treatment for disease or health issues, as “ineffective” and a waste of time.

    Anyone who is speaking out for “alternative medicine” is a friend of people. The opposite is also true.

  4. Fernando said

    Creo que es hora de que los gobiernos noten que, mientras la medicina convencional no es capaz de salvar un 3% de sus pacientes de cancer usando Quimio,
    radiacion y cirugia, otros medicos proponen metodos mas humanos para curar esta enfermedad. Creo que los gobiernos no deben dejarse llevar por el dinero de los laboratorios y las sociedades medicas. Ya estamos cansados de tanta corrupcion y tantas victimas inutiles.

  5. Prove them wrong. Treat me.

  6. acetaminophen side effects liver…

    […]Italian doctor gets into trouble using alternative therapies « Cancerfighter’s Weblog[…]…

  7. Marcus said


    […]Italian doctor gets into trouble using alternative therapies « Cancerfighter’s Weblog[…]…

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