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The Mango Retreat Program

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on February 2, 2009 news:

Here is an email I got from Vincent Gammill, head of

The Center for the Study of Natural Oncology

Del Mar, California


Dear Jonathan

I have attached the  agenda of the first few days of our one-week program in Del Mar, CA.   My seminars do change on a regular basis.  The last couple of days are devoted to the specific cancers of the attendees.  All participants start on a program almost immediately.  They go home with a two-month supply of meds that are unobtainable for 99+% of the population.


The Mango Retreat Program

Sunday Afternoon

Orientation: Tour, bedroom assignments, introductions

Salutation: Assuming Responsibility for One’s Health

Clarifying Goals

Monday Seminars

Consultation with Filiberto Munoz, MD at the San Diego Clinic in Tijuana

(Fast for blood tests and bring driver’s license or passport – transportation provided)

Clarifying Detoxification Goals and Resetting Cell Signaling

Hyperoleation Detoxification Technique

The Royal Clyster

Why Most Conventional and Alternative Therapies Fail

A Strategy for Making Rational Choices Quickly

Reading Between the Lines:

Part One: Scientific Literature

Part Two: Marketing literature

Part Three: Health Newsletters, the Net Infosources,

Treatment Biases: Personal and Allostatic

Tuesday Seminars

Cultures with Extremely Low Rates of Cancer:

Shared Independent Variables

Nutritional Devolution and the Diatheses of Affluence

Cancer Diets: Selection and Individuation

Wednesday Seminars

Sensitizers and Synergists for Various Conventional and Alternative Treatments

Therapeutic Misadventures, Counterintuitive Therapies, and Conflicts in Intention

Prevention and Reversal of Drug Resistance

Innovative Russians: The Methods of Zalmanov, Khatchatrian, Britov, Golyuk, Arendt,


Naturopathic Strategies: Distortive, Corrective, Resolutive

Thomsonian Botanic Medicine

Physiological Therapies vs.Medicinal Therapies

The Cyprus Treatment (Cephalopod Extracts and Seco-Iridoids)

“Germanic New Medicine” – Its Strengths, Weaknesses, Healing Crises

Electromagnetic Fields and Currents in Diagnosis and Treatment

Autonomic Dysfunction and Cholinergic Strategies

The Zinc Treatment

Tallberg and Revici Strategies

Ferric Cation Therapy

The Kochi Method

Thermogenesis Therapies and Hyperthermia

Prostaglandins (Harnessing or Hobbling)

Von Ardenne Oxygen Multistep Therapy

Peroxides, Endoperoxides, and Ozonides

Forgotten and Recovered Medical Science:

Chaotropic Salts

Koch’s Lost Writings

Bishop Berkeley’s Catechols

Massey’s Iontophoresis therapy

Tannates, Polyols, Hydroxylated Stilbenes and Chalcones,

Methylglyoxal and the Diones

ATP Uncoupling Systems

Rhamnosides and Other Glycosides

Insulin Potentiation and Other Targeting Strategies

Chronotherapy (Diurnal Cycle Dependent Dosaging)

Rapid Hematopoiesis

Enzyme therapies vs. Matrix Metaloproteinase Inhibition (MMPI) therapy

Angiogenesis Inhibitor Combinations: If/When to use

Differentiation Agents: If/When To Use

PARP (Poly ADP Ribose Polymerase) Inhibitors

Zeolites and Redox Catalysts

Biologically Active Chromophores

The Inherent Defenses – Rethinking Cachexia, Anemia, Fevers, Nausea, and Nightsweats

Mycoplasma, Ureaplasma, and Immune Dysfunction

Reversing Immune Anergy (lassitude) by Stimulating Delayed-Type Hypersensitivity

Conjugate Vaccines, Adjuvants and Hyperimmunization

Directing Immune Function (Th1 and Th2)

Intralesional Ablatants

Antineoplastons and Histone Deacetylase Inhibition

Salmonella, Newcastle, Pertussis vs. Cancer

Assessing Progress – Objective and Subjective Measures


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