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undenatured whey and Budwig protocol

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on January 29, 2009

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Jim McElroy reports:

My reasons for taking it (undenatured whey isolate) are:

1. The convincing report I read on Duncan Crowe’s website about his
claimed improvement on the Budwig protocol, which uses whey isolate.
He doesn’t recommend any specific whey product, although he says two
are good (NOW and one other…)

2. A way to increase the sulphur containing proteins in my Budwig
mix while decreasing the casien and other bad dairy components.

3. Because it has made me feel a lot better — improved my muscle
tone significantly. I have slouched my entire life, but after I
started taking the whey the slouching went away.

4. Because I keep reading reports that it increases glutathione in
normal cells while decreasing it in cancer cells.

I use about 50 grams a day, in one serving.

Note: The Cancer Survivor’s Bible (2012) is now available – see

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4 Responses to “undenatured whey and Budwig protocol”

  1. Phil said

    Would you give the exact details of your Budwig diet prep with the whey? How much oil and what type? Do you add any fruit? Blend with hand mixer? Prepare fresh every day?
    Thanks very much.

  2. Simon Buckle said

    I take four heaped dessert spoonsfull of whey powder mixed with water and two level dessert spoons full of organic flax seed oil shaken together in a jar then blended with some crushed pineapple every day.
    I have hepititis c and my viral loading blood count has dropped from 5.357 to 0.642 over the last 8 months, thats about an 85% reduction. My nails have improved (they were cracked and weak), my herpes virus has disappeared, all warts on my body are reducing in size, my skin is radiant and I no longer need to use hair conditioner.
    I always try to under eat and eat alot of fresh ripe fruit and grains. I seldom eat fish or meat or processed food.
    I’m 60 years old and and recently had a health check up and there was found to be nothing wrong with me and fit and healthy for my age.

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