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Deborah’s story

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on January 26, 2009 news:

This is Deborah’s story:

When I was re-diagnosed in September 2007, I had enlarged lymph nodes in both the right and left sides of my pelvic area.  Subsequent scans have shown 3 – 5 cm in size (they are supposed to be the size of a pea) before they started to decrease.  I originally started on Bill Henderson’s protocol in December 2007, along with a bunch of other supplements I had researched.  Over time I began to fine tune what I was taking as I learned more.  In March 2008, my CT scan showed some shrinking of nodes on the right, and more clarity on that side than noted in the previous scan.  In July I did the 30 day juice fast, and in mid August I had another CT scan which showed all nodes normal on both sides except for one 7 cm node on the left that appears to have been still growing.  It was at that point that I started on LDN, which is supposed to work well on lymphomas.  In March (2009), I will have been on the LDN for 6 months and I have a CT/PET scan scheduled for March 2nd to see what I look like.

Being on this “protocol” has been an adjustment of course, mostly in diet, but I believe it has paid off big time.  People always show disbelief over what Ieat now, and I continue to say that I am in no way wasting away, and believe me, you find stuff to eat, you learn to modify recipes, you don’t just shrivel up and die.  Yeah, I can’t go to McDonalds for a cheese burger and fries, but I allow myself an organic cheese burger grilled at home once in a while.  I have learned to make healthy cookies and sugar free treats that I can have, guilt-free, and have found a pizza place that makes whole grain crust with all organic toppings…  At least when I want a little deviation from just cottage cheese and flax oil and fruits, nuts and veggies, I have the resources to make stuff myself or find healthy alternatives.  It’s not the end of life…
Except for the 2 markers in my blood that are indicative of lymphoma – low red blood cells/hemoglobin/hematocrit (anemia) and high sedementation rate (sed rate), my doctor says my blood otherwise looks healthier than a healthy person’s blood!  My vitamin D level is wonderful, my cholesterol is so low, as are my triglycerides, my blood pressure (taken on Monday at a Dr. appointment) was 104/60.  All other blood markers are normal and my doctor tells me to keep doing what I am doing.  BTW, my doctor is an M.D., not an onc, who also practices alternative medicine.
How do I feel?  Physically, I feel the healthiest I have ever felt in my life, if you can believe that.  I have plenty of energy, am active, still work full time as a Safety Manager for a Johnson & Johnson company.  My husband and I are house flippers on the side, which keeps my weekends full of construction work projects as we actually do most of the work ourselves.  I walk daily, and on the weekends my husband and I take long walks at the beach each day.  There was a time last year when people were constantly asking me “what I was doing.”  I have told very few people about the cancer, and even fewer people at work know what I am going through.  Yet people were asking me on a pretty frequent basis “what I was doing” as I “looked so good.”  Women were asking me what beauty products, make up, moisturizers, etc. that I was using because they were noticing how good my skin looked.  It was the weirdest thing!  People were constantly telling me I looked great!  All I can think is that my protocol was having an affect on me inside and it was showing on the outside.  I am currently 45 years old, tall, and slender.  When I do share my story with people, they look at me and tell me they would never know I was a cancer patient and that I look as though I have never been sick a day in my life.
I can honestly say that the protocol is the best thing that I could have done for myself.  I have a quality of life, I have taken the time to learn and become my own doctor, and I think the decision to be in control of this illness has been so liberating, rather than having the medical establishment make decisions for me and dictate my fate and ultimately, my quality of life.  If I lose the battle, I will have gone out my way, with my dignity and quality of life in tact.  I went the other route back in 2001.  I had 20 radiation treatments, 6 months of chemo, 2 major infections, blood clots, 6 transfusions, 10 surgeries, basically every major setback one could imagine.  On top of that, due to all the back surgeries, I had to learn to walk and use my legs again, which took months.  There are not many people who could have survived what I went through.  I lost 2 years out of my life and guess what?  It came back.  I’ll never do that again.

Note: The Cancer Survivor’s Bible (2012) is now available – see

“[your books] should be on the shelves of every medical practitioner…as well as patients and their families.”


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