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Papaya, papain and cancer

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on January 18, 2009

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Dr. Manual Gomez de la Maza, Professor of Medicine at the University of Havana, established that, “the milky sap of the papaya tree fruit digested the necrose cartilage squeezed between the spinal vertebra.” He also developed a protocol against tumors, including malignancies. In his books he described how it was possible to remove any tumor without surgery. The method consisted of injecting fresh papaya latex into the tumor and then after waiting 15 minutes, pumping out the resulting foul smelling mass, thus reducing the tumor size in a matter of minutes. The Papain rich papaya latex has the property of digesting fibrin which makes up the mass of neoplasms, such as warts, fibromas and cancerous tumors. It also digests the fibrin which makes up the bulk of the callouses and corns on the feet and also the necrose tissue squeezed between the vertebra in back injuries such as a “slipped disc.” Thank you, Dr. Manual Gomez de la Maza, for this valuable information.

This detail was found in an interesting article on the benefits of papain – and by implication the benefits of dried green papaya powder:


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