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Deborah’s experience with juice fasts

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on January 13, 2009 news:

I did a 30 day juice fast last July.  During the fast I began my day with about 1 cup or so of Breuss’ juice.  The rest of the day I had water or green tea.  For dinner I would juice broccoli, red cabbage, cucumber, celery and a green apple.  Fresh veggie juice is a little earthy so to a tall glass of this fresh juice I would add an organic version of V-8, about 2 inches in the glass, some horse radish, cayenne, worstershire and lemon, to make it taste like a Bloody Mary.  I continued taking all my supplements during the fast.  I normally eat flax oil with cottage cheese, but during the fast would just take the flax oil alone.  I had a CT scan after the fast.  I have been battling a recurrence of Hodgkin’s lumphoma, I had stage 4B in 2001, was diagnosed again in Sept. 2006 with Stage 2.  I had enlarged nodes in the right and left sides of my pelvic area.  This time I decides no conventional treatment as it oviously doesn’t work.  At the end of the fast, and after about 8 months on Bill Henderson’s protocol plus many other supplements added, but had not started on LDN yet, the CT scan showed all but one node on the left side gone.

Here is a wonderful web-site that got me motivated to do it, and Breuss’ juice is mentioned:

http://www.fasting. ws/fasting/ cancer-fasting. html


Note: The Cancer Survivor’s Bible (2012) is now available – see

“Your book has much valuable material that I don’t recall seeing in any other book.”



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