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Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on January 11, 2009   Cancer: The Complete Recovery Guide

On a Yahoo chat group Nancy Dorr told her story:

I was told I had six months to live 14 years ago. When the tumor grew 30% on chemo during the preparation phase for the bone marrow/stem cell transplant, I said, “Screw this. I am going to take every herb and remedy I can find. Got a cure for cancer? Sure, I’ll try it.”

Let’s see, my protocol in 1994/95 was:

Colonics and coffee enemas
Juice fasting and cleansing with liver and kidney cleanses (Dr. Bernard Jensen) – up to 1 gallon of carrot juice a day with apple and ginger and sometimes green vegies in it.
Wheatgrass therapy (Anne Wigmore)
Raw foods and sprouting —75% raw foods diet approximately
Lost 30 pounds like WHAM!!!
Dr. Hulda Clark Protocol (I picked my own green walnut hulls off of a walnut tree I found and made my own tinctures)
Ozone therapy (the method where they draw the blood out into a glass bottle and infuse the ozone into the bottle and then let it drip back into you.
Compound X (I have a whole story about how I met this oil man in Portland one day, having gotten lost somewhere; knocked on this business out-of-the-blue to ask for directions; ended up telling this man, who was the oilman about the bone cancer in the sternum and amy death sentence. He told me, “I’ve got this old Indian remedy that I discovered from a man in Wyoming. It works particularly well on bone cancer.”
Many different types of vitamins and mineral supplementation (some of these were junk because I didn’t know what I was doing and didn’t know about gelatin not being good for you, but something apparently worked).
Hiking (I bought a herd of Llamas and became a wilderness guide—-well almost. I got lost on the edge of a mountain in the Nex Pierce Wilderness Sancutary and almost died on the edge of a cliff. I gave the llamas away shortly after. I figured if the best I could come up with was to get myself in this perdictament, then I didn’t have any busy taking total strangers into the woods!)
Taxol (My chemotherapy was switched to Taxol)

So, I did it ALL. I put all my energy into saving my life, all the while the little buzzard sitting on my shoulder was barking at me, “Who do you think you’re fooling?” This same kind of thinking is what comes out of the mainstream chemo mill. Because this same way of thinking–no brainwashing- –creeps in and can undermine your hope and faith that cancer doesn’t have to be a death sentence. God is the only one who can predict if you will live or die. I believe this fundamental unspoken belief is at the root of my backsliding and not sticking with my protocol—- I put cancer on the back burner and just wanted to forget about it. Wasn’t I living on borrowed time? This whole thing is INSIDIOUS and that is why I posted what I did. The negative pooing of alternative treatments for cancer is EVIL.

I feel a responsibility to inform others and it irks me that someone is out there saying that alternatives don’t work. Sure, he mentioned his little Chinese herbs, but in fact he also gave a much greater message by saying, “If there were really a cure for cancer from alternative therapy, everyone would know about it and someone would have made millions.” THIS IS WHAT HE SAID plain as day.

So, I am back fighting cancer again NOT BECAUSE ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE DOESN’T WORK but because I didn’t continue with my protocol and fell off the wagon so-to-speak- —even eating white sugar again. So, I brought it back. No one’s fault but mine. But I take 100% responsibility for it.

By the way, I believe in integrative medicine—DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN TO BEAT CANCER. I think I have pretty much tried it all.  I am getting ready to go to Oklahoma to try something new.


Later she added the following:

In the 12 step program of Alcoholics Anonymous, a popular saying
is H.O.W. A.A. teaches that alcholism is a three-fold dis-ease with
mental, physical and spiritual components.If we were to apply the same
principle to healing from cancer, we could get the same results. Many of
us has shown that this is possible, if we practice H.O.W.


* What did my lifestyle do to contribute to cancer? * What can I
change to heal my body, mind and spirit?


* How do I know that something won’t work? I need to examine my
negative beliefs and thought patterns before I block the path to healing
and recovery. * Can all the cancer survivors who are on Cancercured
be lying? Nope! I believe them!


* Am I willing to work hard and to, as A.A. says, “Go to any lengths
to stay sober (heal from cancer)?” * Am I willing to let go of
destructive eating habits and other lifestyle blockages to recovery?
* Am I willing to turn to a higher power to lighten the load to guide my
life and take the stress off of holding the entire world on my
shoulders? * Am I willing to listen to others who have recovered
from cancer? * Am I willing to gain some humility that maybe that
others know something that I don’t know?

There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is
proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in
everlasting ignorance—that principle is contempt prior to
investigation. ” – Herbert Spencer



Note: The Cancer Survivor’s Bible (2012) is now available – see


“Your book is authoritative, reputable and much more comprehensive and better balanced than the vast majority of other books.”




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