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Cannabis oil 2

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on December 23, 2008

Mike was kind enough to answer my query on the Yahoo groups (Cancercured) with a different way of preparing cannabis oil from the whole plant – here is his description of the process:

Hello jonathan,

You can simmer all the chopped up plant parts, except the root, in
Everclear in a crock pot. This will take hours , but is a safe
method. Simmer it down until you have only a little liquid left. At
that point you can transfer it to a beaker and heat it on a coffee
maker until you have a black, tarry substance, which is the cannabis
oil. Doses can be administered by using a “smidgen” measuring spoon
(much smaller than a 1/8 teaspoon). You can take two doses per day
by holding it in the mouth until it is absorbed, then drinking some
The oil contains multiple versions of cannabinoisc which can kill
cancer cells that have cannabinoid receptors by arresting the cell
and inducing apoptosis.

Unfortunately it takes about a pound of plant material to get enough
oil to last the three months it often takes to get the results.



One Response to “Cannabis oil 2”

  1. I think almost any substance can be abused and that it’s ridiculous that marijuana is illegal when it is much less dangerous when it is abused than when alcohol is.

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