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Budwig Protocol Testimonials

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on December 4, 2008

There’s a lot of cancer info on this site so do browse – this supports the infor and critical overview of cancer in my two cancer books – see

“This book tells me everything. Why didn’t my doctor tell me this.”


Sandra Olson posted the following testimonials on the Yahoo Cancercured chat group:
Thousands of people have healed themselves of all kinds of cancer,
including estrogen positive breast cancer, by following a special diet
at home that costs only what they pay for the foods at a grocery
store. The diet was created by Dr. Johanna Budwig, a German bio-
chemist, who treated patients from around the world for over 50 years,
until about 2002, and had a success rate of over 90%. Her practice
included many terminal patients who had been given only days or weeks
to live by their conventional doctors.

The Budwig Protocol has also healed people who never met Dr. Budwig
but followed her plan at home on their own. There is a Yahoo
group, FlaxseedOil2, with over 120 testimonials from group members
who regained their health the way after having advanced cancers.

From the testimonial list, below are 3 examples from women who healed
breast cancer with mets by following the Budwig plan while at home.
More breast cancer testimonials are in the FlaxseedOil2 files.

1] Re: Breast Cancer with mets to the bones. Janice wrote: “I have
had no surgery…no allopathic medicine whatsoever. The tumors in my
breasts (both sides), have reduced by 70-80% over the last four
months on the BP. I have regained 60-70% range of motion in my left
arm (which was practically none). My right arm is at about 90%…I
had about 50% range before Budwig Protocol.”
Janice is doing very well today with full use of her arms and no
symptoms. She posts often in the FlaxseedOil2 group.

2] Re: Breast Cancer – In ’95 Daphne Moore had a cancerous breast
tumor removed. In ’01 metatasis to the vertebre was found. She began
the Budwig Plan & is now cancer free.
On Jan 2, 2006, Daphne wrote: “I am estrogen positive at 12 on a
scale from 1 to 12 & since starting the Flax Oil/Cottage Cheese 5
years ago have had no more breast cancer.”
On July, 2007, she wrote “…after getting the results of my annual
check-up, nothing new to be found, in fact the old hotspot where I
had had a back fracture from an accident has also disappeared. ..I am
a 12.5 year survivor of advanced BC. I still follow the Budwig diet
on a daily basis and love it.”

3] Re Breast Cancer, Patricia wrote:
“I had relapsed with nodes (4) in my armpit that were the size of
grapes on the opposite side from my primary breast cancer, and
stinging pain in two spots in my back, as well as the same pain in my
knee. I got back on the Budwig program and over the past month I
have rescheduled my doctor visit three times because I didn’t want to
have nodes diagnosed. My back doesn’t hurt anymore and my knee is
almost pain free- just a twinge every so often. I finally went today
after I couldn’t feel any thing there anymore…and guess what –
neither did the doctor! I got a “clean bill” today, and you guys all
know the story because I have posted all the pieces. I am happy, and
grateful, and amazed, and I just wanted to let you all know. Yes, I
know that I am not cancer free – but I am here to tell you that this
is better than any chemo or radiation I have ever seen…and I am
enjoying my food and my life every day…and I feel good. I know a
blessing when I see one…and I see it!”

For more information on the Budwig Protocol, click the link below and
read about the plan in the articles under ‘Fundamentals’ in the menu.
Also, there is a free video showing how to make the core healing
recipe using Flax Seed Oil – click the link in the middle of the page.

You can also join the FlaxseedOil2 Yahoo group.

Best wishes,

Still more from Sandra:

For Anyone who is Interested,

To follow-up on my previous posts, below are a few of the
FlaxseedOil2 members’ messages during 2008 about healing from cancer
with the Budwig Protocol. More testimonials are in the FlaxseedOil2
files. The Budwig Protocol is a full plan of nutrition, sun therapy
and stress reduction and has saved many lives. The messages below
were posted to the group on the dates shown. Some messages
include ‘BP’ meaning Budwig Protocol. To join the group &
automatically receive an Introduction to the Budwig plan, click
http://health. com/group/ FlaxSeedOil2/

1] Nov. 30, 2008 – NHL Follicular lymphoma, stage 4 – Halima wrote:
“diagnosed on Sep 2006…offered chemo. I refused. I decided to
follow [Budwig]…On Jan 2007 I did ultrasound and blood tests. my
largest lymph node around the liver was 54mm. August 2007 I did
ultrasound again: My largest lymph node is 30 mm – 20% smaller…”
After straying from the diet for a while, then getting back on it,
Halima wrote: “The ultrasound shows that the spleen is reduced from
192 mm to 187 mm, the liver is reduced from 185 mm to 166 mm. The
lymph nodes remain the same.”

2] On Nov. 24, 2008 – Lung Cancer – Denis wrote:
…My Mom went to her oncologist after her monthly chest x-ray. My
Mom had a tumor in her lung which apparently disappeared! !! She was
diagnosed with small cell lung cancer in March and she went through
some gruelling chemo for the following 3/4 months. She has been on
the Budwig diet since mid-September and has had these wonderful
results…Believe me! The protocol is DEFINITELY worth
following! …My Mom hasn’t been on chemo since September, so the
disappearance has to be due to the BP.

3] Oct 17, 2008 – estrogen positive breast cancer w/mets —
Jennifer wrote; “It is so different working with this diet, so
positive…I hadn’t seen my oncologist in over a year and, when I
finally saw him two weeks ago he couldnt figure out why my tumor
had gone down with no chemo or radiation.”

4] Oct. 8, 2008 – Liver Cancer – Daniel wrote:
“I was diagnosed with Hepatitis B, then liver cirrhosis, then primary
liver cancer
all in about 2 months (April-May 2008)….I read about
BP and started implementing around 05/15 and signed up on this group.
I had 2 tumors…Members here…gave me the information and courage
to opt for BP. For primary liver cancer, the main marker in the blood
in AFP (Alpha Feto Protein). Normal (reference) range is less than 9
ng/mL. These are my AFP numbers: 05/03: 400.1…..9/ 29: 51.7
I can only say one thing: may God richly reward Johanna Budwig!!
…I declined all cancer related treatments.

5] Sept. 2008 – Advanced breast cancer w/mets — Wanda wrote:
“I then quit chemo, as the tumors in my chest were growing again, I
started Budwig in July 07. My remaining cancer is healing, my hand
and arm are seeing a little more function & much less pain…Budwig
has been a huge success for me.”
Oct. 23, ’08 – “I don’t post much anymore, because my life is getting
back to “normal”…BP has helped me tremendously. It saved my life
from an aggressive form of metastatic breast cancer after
chemotherapy was no longer helping. ”

6] Sept 16, 2008 – B-cell Lymphoma – Stephen Durrant wrote:
“I’ve had great success at reversing my follicular center B cell
lymphoma via: getting rid of the mercury in my mouth and chelating
the remainder in my body & doing as much of the BP as I can &
additional supplements. I’ve had no treatment since diagnosis in
March 2005. Within 4 weeks of starting just the FOCC (at first), the
3 cm lymph nodes in my groin fully regressed & have not enlarged
since. I still have enlarged nodes in the neck.

7] Sept 7, 2008 – Breast cancer with Mets to the Bones – Janice wrote:
I have been on the Budwig Protocol for over 1 1/2 years…When I
first got on the protocol, I had very little use of my arms because
of the bone mets, I was, for the most part spending the majority of
my days in bed. I now have full use of my arms, the tumors in my
breasts are to the point of being negligible and I’m currently living
a very active life. [Posted to Cancer Cured]
July 10, ’07 – “I have had no surgery…no allopathic medicine
whatsoever. The tumors in my breasts (both sides), have reduced by 70-
80% over the last four months on the BP. I have regained 60-70% range
of motion in my left arm (which was practically none). My right arm
is at about 90%…I had about 50% range before BP.

8] August 10, 2008 – Susan wrote:
“Just a note to let you know I am doing well (stage IV endometrial
w/numerous lung mets; stopped chemo in 2004; on BP ever since)-
Dr.’s can’t believe I’m still here! Thank you Dr. B!! A faithful BP

9] June 16, 2008 – adenocarcinoma – Ursula wrote:
“I have been on the Budwig diet going on 18 months. I was diagnosed
with adenocarcinoma in the uterus and was advised on a complete
hysterectomy with removal of some lymph nodes. I refused surgery. The
complications scared me more than the cancer. I feel well with no
further symptoms. So I just keep doing the diet & magnetic pulse
therapy. Also…am taking vitalzyme, an enzyme

10] May 2, 2008 – Sarcoma and lung mets – Kathy wrote:
“I just returned from my Dr. appt to review my recent scan results.
I am happy to report that there is no evidence of recurrent disease.
I am a Sarcoma patient. I had a Peripheral Nerve Sheath tumor removed
from my upper thigh in Oct 2006. There were no mets at the time of
surgery but at my one year scan, a 4-6mm lung nodule was found. I
started Budwig afterwards. After 2 scans full of bad news, it was so
good to hear that they see no evidence that there is any active
cancer in my body right now! I’m ready to celebrate!!!

11] April 10, 2008 – Prostate Health – Post #1 – Frank wrote: “I had
a Biopsy in 2006 which read 7.8. My urologist told me that
supplements and vitamins were not going to help. I…then switched to
the Budwig diet. Since I went on the diet my PSA has come down to
Post #2 – Artie wrote:…my PSA came down within 9 months from 6.9 to
under 3. But most importantly is the FREE PSA PERCENTAGE.. .a more
reliable marker than PSA alone…normal range is 25% [and above].
Mine was 11%. Within 9 months on BP it shot up to 38%, which is where
it remains a year later.[A score over 25% means less risk of cancer.]

12] April 9, 2008 – Multiple Myeloma – Georgetta wrote:
…my husband has Multiple Myeloma…a very aggresive cancer. He is
doing very well on Budwig protocol, lived already beyond dr’s
expectation. However, he is not doing chemo. He had a stem cell
in 2005, but that did not put him in remission. He started
Budwig protocol in 2006, and since then he’s been doing only that.
8/16/07-: at Mayo for 3-month visit…tests show no trace of cancer.
History: June 12,’07 – Georgeta wrote:
– diagnosed with MM stage III B (Kidney failure) in spring 2005
– treated by Mayo doctor with steroids (dexamethasone) for 4 months
to restore kidney function. Had stem cell transplant- extremely sick
during transplant, almost dead with infections including septicemia.
Jan. 2006 while in hospital again, diagnosed with amyloidosis in his
lung, another deadly disease. Declared terminal…6 month or less to
live -came home extremely sick, unable to eat, sleep, depressed,
developed shingles…Found Budwig books on Internet & later
FlaxseedOil2 group. Started protocol partially,not being able to eat
normal portions. Gradually went on protocol 100%.

13] March 25, 2008 – Colon Ca w/Liver Mets – Sid wrote: “My dad…was
diagnosed in December 2006 and was given 6 to 12 months…Resection
was not an option for him either because of the advanced stage (3
lobes affected) and his age… It is now 15 months since dx and dad
is still with us. He is not in perfect condition but I can tell you
he has no pain at all and is mobile. He did no chemo, took no drugs
at all (no painkillers etc). He only did Budwig Protocol
[Dec. 2008, After two years, Sid’s dad is still with his family.]

14] Feb. 19, 2008, Rectal Cancer – Dawn wrote:
“I am a Stage IIIC Rectal Cancer survivor and am praising God and the
Budwig diet! I began the Budwig diet about two months ago when a
PET/CT scan showed a reoccurance of my rectal cancer. When I went to
my surgeon at the Mayo Clinic in January, they confirmed there was
cancer in the lymph node they biopsied. They stated they were sure it
was in the entire clump of lymph nodes in the area and wanted me to
have chemo followed by radiation and surgery. They also stated there
were EXTENSIVE dead cancer cells in the lymph node…I KNEW the dead
cancer cells were from the Budwig diet! I continued with the BP and
also had magnacharge treatments from my ND. Today my ND performed a
scan and my cancer numbers have dropped GREATLY. The cancer is still
there, but in just two months, it has been reduced by 90%!”

15] Jan. 23, 2008 -Husband’s cancer, arthritis, heart problems –
Rebecca wrote:
“My husband and I have been following the Budwig protocol for nearly
four years now. I do not have cancer but my husband has/had male
breast cancer, diabetes type 2, arthritis, high blood pressure and
heart problems. He had radical mastectomy surgery in June 2004 and
the cancer had infiltrated the chest wall and progressed to his lymph
. He refused chemo therapy, hormone treatment and all ‘anti
cancer’ drugs offered and has relied almost exclusively on Budwig
since diagnosis. …he has never suffered a days’ illness or pain and
his diabetes is under control (he stopped taking medication for this
two years ago but continues with beta blockers for the time
being…) …he appears to be in good health for a 75 year old.

16] Jan. 12, 2008 – Annette, Jodee’s daughter – Lymphoma & bone cancer
“Annette’s newest test shows even more improvement. She still has
some active cancer in the center of the bones but he said it is still
dying out. No lymph nodes are active. We are still doing the same
things, nothing different.
On Sept. 30, 2007, Jodee wrote: “Got the P.E.T. Infusion reports on
Annette…The tumors on her liver, in her chest, stomach, all gone.
Dead. Her bone cancer is still decreasing. Dr Suarez said…he has
never seen a patient with advanced cancer react like this, from a
diet. All of her blood work is normal. This is the first time in 4
years that this has happened. I again thank Dr Budwig…
Remember M.D. Anderson. A cancer hospital in Houston, Texas sent her
home in April to die. To anyone, keep doing the protocol. It works.”

17] Jan 23, 2008 – Regarding her husband, Jeanne wrote:
‘since BP, his lymphoma/leukemia has remained stable….’
Previously, on Sept. 19, 2007, she wrote:
“We are also fighting Leukemia/anemia. My husband has much improved
since starting BP about 4 months ago….He also has atrial
and just this last week he registered a normal sinus

Best wishes to all,


The Cancer Survivor’s Bible (2012 edition) is now available – for details

“From the depth of my tired heart I thank you…for turning the light on a dark corner.”


9 Responses to “Budwig Protocol Testimonials”

  1. Ron said

    Looking for Lymphoma patients cured with Budwig. Please help me save my son.

    • Gordon McGrae said

      Dear Ron,Can’t help with the Lymphoma experience but I’ve done extensive research on the Budwig Protocol and the science behind it.With 10mg of amlodopine daily my BP had risen to 170/100 and my doctor wanted to increase my medication. I started Flaxseed oil and cottage cheese each morning (3 tblsp oil) two weeks ago and after several days I started to feel terrific and my BP started to drop. Six days ago I stopped taking the amlodopine and today (22nd May 2009) my BP was 123/80! My arthritic right knee is 500% improved, and the dry skin I have had on my elbows for 20 years has gone ! I believe Dr Budwig discovered nearly 60 years ago something that has to a great extent been missed by most of the world.I urge you to start your son on the Protocol asap.

  2. Mike said

    I am wondering if anyone has had success with the BP on throat cancer. If so I would very much appreciate having a reference to such posting(s) on this or any other website or chat line. Thanks – Mike

    • cancerfighter said

      try the flaxseedoil2 group at yahoo groups

      • Ron Pathak said

        Although I would like to say that Budwig worked on our son, unfortunately for some, it delayed his treatments until he reached stage 3b without effective result. He tried diligently with exacting protocol requirements and it did not work. Today, three years later and forty chemo’s, nine full body radiation treatments, and a stem cell transplant later what has finally worked is a new therapy called SGN-35 (Adcetris) that targets delivery to the specific protein surrounding the cancer cells for refractory Lymphoma patients. Two doses and it is gone, however the price he paid in damage to his body with so many failed treatments (I believe) could have been avoided if treatments would have begun much earlier. No way to tell of course, but after witnessing the torture our son has had to endure and what he will carry for the rest of his life in system damage, is not worth any delay after diagnosis. Budwig may work for some early stage non-agressive cancers, but I would caution everyone from reading more into Budwig it than it is capable of delivering. If you cannot find substantial anecdotal evidence from other patients (more than a dozen people I would say), I would be cautious on delaying conventional treatments. Minimizing the dangers of failure must be balanced on all fronts. Know very early on if your cancer is ‘bulky’, know the involvement of the disease very carefully and weigh the options very carefully. Remember that no-one knows better than you do what your body is going through, supplement that with all the technology you can to insure you gauge yourself accurately. Assume nothing, believe nothing, question everything, and remember that God has created everything…even the arcane tools we have today. There comes a point where you have to decide for yourself and trust your creator. Listen to that still small voice in your heart and let it guide you. Blessings to all of you, never stop fighting to live your purpose!

  3. Mike said

    I want to thank both Cancerfighter and Ron for your responses to my question regarding personal testimonials on the use of BP for throat cancer. I would like to respond separately to both of you.

    With regard to Cancerfighter’s reply, I have looked at user comment threads on faxseedoil2 and perhaps I did not penetrate into the site deeply enough. The first several pages were completely dominated by those who were denouncing BP on a theoretical basis founded largely on the “no clinical studies equates to no credible benefit” argument. These are not people who were sharing their personal experiences with BP, but rather those who promote an agenda of convincing us that a lack of clinical studies or FDA approval makes for a compelling argument against the use of natural substances including BP. Firstly, I believe this argument is severely flawed for a multiplicity of reasons, including the following (which express my opinion only — I am not a medical practitioner and as such my opinions should not be taken as medical advice): (1) the collective anecdotal testimony on the medical benefits of specific herbs and other natural substances often serves as the ‘starting point’ for the very industry that later frequently denies their validity as having medical benefits. From this starting point the pharmaceutical industry (which I refer to as “the industry”) often attempts to extract or synthesize the active components in such herbs and other natural substances so that they can patent the resulting drug or process by which is it formed, which in turn facilitates potentially huge marketing profits. Therefore those who minimize the importance of collective anecdotal testimony speak from ignorance in terms of processes used by their own industry; (2) in terms of the clinical study proof that such people use as the basis for discounting collective anecdotal testimony on natural substances, they overlook not only the above processes within their industry but also its consequences — which include the reality that, without the ‘advantage’ of being patentable, natural substances do not generally justify the extremely high cost of clinical studies and/or FDA clearance or approval. Add to that the formidable barrier that the FDA imposes as one of its foundational public knowledge precepts — that (in words to this effect) drugs are the only substances effective in treating medical conditions. This alone tells us what would be in store for any medical research or other entity attempting to conduct clinical trials on a natural substance with expectations of receiving clearance or approval from the FDA. Therefore the staunchly stated arguments posted on Cancerfighter as to why the lack clinical studies on PB constitutes compelling evidence that it could not work are inherently flawed; (4) the overall success rate of commonly used cancer therapies promoted by the industry (meaning cut, poison and burn), according to their own statistics, appears to be disappointing if not dismal and are often accompanied with debilitating or even deadly side effects. Therefore those who are outspokenly critics of collective anecdotal testimony on natural substances (even when such testimony is massive in number, world wide and has existed over decades of time) should instead adopt exactly the opposite agenda — the desperate need to openly discuss and explore natural alternative therapies. In other words, I propose that such critics use the same starting point as the pharmaceutical industry in terms of recognizing the benefits of paying close attention to such collective commentaries on natural substances; and lastly (5) despite the regulatory and financial challenges in conducting clinical studies on natural substances for the treatment of medical conditions, and despite frequent denials of the existence of such studies by doctors, they in fact ABOUND! The Life Extension Foundation (LEF) publishes a book (nearly as thick as a telephone book) containing references to a wide diversity and number of independent clinical studies of public record, many meeting high standards in terms of numbers of subjects and study protocols, on natural substances and their benefits for specific medical conditions. Even more interesting, the LEF compares the results of such clinical studies to the results of clinical studies on drugs commonly used to treat corresponding medical conditions, and the results in many if not the majority of these comparative analyses weigh in favor of the alternative substances both in terms of efficacy and side effects. In conclusion, with complete respect for the benefits that Cancerfigher has brought to so many in terms of enabling us to share our personal experiences with natural substances such as BP, I do not believe it should allowed to be used as a theoretical debate which the precepts of a field already having billions of dollars available to promote their agenda (can any of us get through a television show or magazine anymore without being innovated with drug commercials for everything imaginable — almost always with disclaimers at the end disclosing horrific side effects that can occur with their use)? The Cancerfighter forum is a welcome opportunity to give the ‘other side’ a fair chance, without domination by the same industry which, in my opinion, suppresses virtually all manner of natural alternative therapies.

    With regard to Ron’s reply, thank you for your input. Notwithstanding my views above it is obvious that allopathic therapies work well for some individuals, sometimes depending on the nature of condition (such as the type of cancer). It is also possible that SGN-35 is more effective than more traditional cancer therapies, and I will be sure to carefully check it out.

  4. Has anyone been cured of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) using the Budwig Diet?

  5. Hanna said

    Dear All,

    As a physician I would adevise against trying BP FIRST for any malignancies which are known to react well to chemo/radiotherapy – such as lymphomas (e.g. Hodgkins) or leukemias. This protocol is meant rather for solid organ cancer, especially at the stage where nothing more can be done with allopathic medicine. Also results of chemo/radiotherapy for solid cancers are also often very disappointing with little evidence for chemotherapy or radiotehrapy resulting in extension of life with acceptable quality of life, in solid cancers at advanced stage for example with local extension or distant metastases. For that reason please speak with your MD and research if your specific type of cancer has good or poor response to allopathic treatment before deciding to follow BP as first-line treatment.

    • Mike Petroff said

      Hanna — What information or data do you base your conclusion that BP is “meant for solid organ cancel”? I have been following BP for quite a while and have seen no such indication from its users at least in the general sense, Can you explain where your conclusion on that statement came from? — Mike

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