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breast cancer, cimetidine and mebendazole

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on December 3, 2008

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I have a large tumor in my left breast which has continued to grow
for the last two years despite many different alternative
treatments. (Will not go into the long list now.)

After reading several articles in the Grouppe Kurosawa Natural
Public Blog, I have been taking cimetidine, 200 mg, 4 times
a day on an empty stomach (CVS brand over the counter acid reducer)
and mebendazole, 100 mg, 3 times a day on an empty stomach
(prescription worm medicine). I did this for 6 weeks, took a week
off, then have been doing it for another week and will continue. I
do not know if this dosage is optimum or not.

When I started, the breast was aching a lot (which I believe was the
expanding tumor pressing on tissues) and had just started to have
some stabbing pains occassionally. Within days of starting the
cimetidine and mebendazole, all aches and pains in the breast
ceased. The other thing I noticed is that the breast cooled to the
touch; it had been noticibly warmer than the other breast. This
makes sense if it is disrupting the formation of blood vessels which
feed the tumor. I haven’t noticed any shrinkage of the tumor yet.

I am continuing to take some other supplements but list is too long
to post now.

If there are more positive changes, I will post another message.

Blessings to All.


Reply to Cheryl

Hello cheryl,

The action of mebendazole (Vermox) on cancer cells does not have much
to do with it being a worm killer. Other meds and herbs that kill
worms would be unlikely to work for cancer.
Mebendazole damages tubulin in cancer cells. It interrupts the cell
before the cells go into mitosis. It also stimulates
apoptosis, natural cell death. It also seems to block angeogenesis,
meaning it stops blood vessel growth to tumors. It has a synergistic
with cimetadine (Tagamet). The cimetadine increases the half
life of the mebendazole by blocking a liver enzyme that breaks it
down. Cimetadine has immune boosting effects and also inhibits
metastasis. Both drugs are fairly low with regard to side effects.
Mebendazole only damages cancer cells while leaving normal cells
Cimetadine is “over the counter”.
Mebendazole requires a prescription in the States, but is very easy to
get through Canadian companies advertising on the net.


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One Response to “breast cancer, cimetidine and mebendazole”

  1. jb5 said

    dont forget to deal with the cancer stem cell issues … metformin and sulforaphane and acetaminophen all work to cause cancer stem cells to lose their self renewal abilities thru modulation of the WNT/beta catenin signaling systems. you can find the refs in Pub Med. fyi –sulforaphane has good absorption and accumulates in breast tissue. both metformin and sulforaphane do many other beneficial things in breast cancer as well.

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