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cancer cure that has been ignored

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on November 21, 2008

What would you say if a cure for cancer had been found fifteen years ago and ignored? We’re talking about a cure that was fully backed up by cases of cancer patients receiving the treatment and their cancer visibly disappearing and not reappearing for up to seven years – that is, to the end of the study period. According to an article written in October 2008 by Bill Sardi and Timothy Hubbell, that is exactly the situation in relation to a glyco-protein called Gc-MAF given by once-a-week injections (100 nanograms at a time). Since Gc-MAF is a natural chemical no-one can patent it so no-one can profit from the information so…millions of people continue to die of cancer. The full story can be found at
http://www.thenhf. com/articles/ articles_ 792/articles_ 792.htm

Bill Sardi can be reached at Timothy Hubbell, a biochemist from Cincinnati, first called attention to this discovery and provided consultation on the biochemistry.


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