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Libido issues

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on November 19, 2008

On the cancercured yahoo discussion group a number of suggestions were made for increasing libido:

Exercise, watermelon, DHEA, Tongkat ali herb, Horny goat weed herb, Tribulus terrestris and Yohimbe bark.  Additional herbs for low libido include Ashwagandha herb, Maca herb, Mucuna Pruriens herb, Muira puama herb, Saw Palmetto and Rhodiola rosea.

In regards to watermelon being a natural viagara. I think that you should tell people that not only does it contain citrulline, which the body converts to arginine, but also that the seed, contain cucurbocitrin, which also dialates blood vessels. Peope should always eat the seeds when they eat watermelon. They should of course be crunched as seeds are designed to go through the intestinal tract unscathed.

Marc Swanepoel writes:

I can vouch from personal experience that the Sutherlandia OPC improves libido and I have had a couple of feedbacks to that effect. Two people I know are using it specifically for that purpose. Whether it is the oleander or the Sutherlandia, I cannot say. Maybe those people who are using the home-made version can shed some more light on this question.


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