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bentonite clay healing cancerous spot

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on November 18, 2008

I may have mentioned this before on this list but I had a “hot spot” on
my face and daily applications of hydrated calcium bentonite clay
healed it over a period of about 2 months. I vaguely remember reading
that part of the healing comes from the electro-magnetic charge in the
clay, besides its drawing power and in my own thinking the fact that
perhaps there is magnesium in it that may permeate the skin
I know when I put it on I felt a mild electrical type “tingling” at the
site, that gradually diminished as the healing process progressed.
However it works, it sounds like the life of God is in this substance
for healing.
Blessings, Jill~

Note: The Cancer Survivor’s Bible (2012) is now available – see

“An excellent up-to-date resource.”



2 Responses to “bentonite clay healing cancerous spot”

  1. sympathizer said

    Bentonite clay is operative as a healing clay in proportion to the amount of ionically active montmorillonite molecular crystals in contains relative to other, less active clays and sediments. Montmorillonite is the healing agent, and Bentonite is the impure and common aggregate in which it is commonly found.

    Bentonite stimulates the immune system and helps remove toxins topically and through internal pathways. It also mitigates pain by interacting with the neural electrochemical signals in the nerves.

    The world renowned Gerson Institute prescribes a clay called TerraPak from California Earth Minerals for relief of symptoms and toxins involved in cancer recovery.

    The process is not magnetic, but the electrostatic charge produced by negative ions at the surface of the extremely small, clay crystals of clay particulate. The clay also delivers a trace mineral payload often missing from the diet.

    Best wishes for your permanent recovery. I agree that God is in the clay.

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