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healthy diet and prostate cancer

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on November 13, 2008

Cancer: The Complete Recovery Guide

Researchers at Addenbrooke’s hospital In  Cambridge have found that approximately 40% of patients with aggressive prostate cancer did not need surgery or radiation after making simple changes to their diet. These healthy changes were minimal: They were asked to cut down on salt and alcohol, eat more oily fish, lose weight and take moderate amounts of exercise. They also took small doses of aspirin. For 40 out of the 110 men on the trial their PSA levels stabilised or even fell.

In the UK, this story was only reported in the Telegraph.

This conclusion is in sharp contrast to the statements of major cancer organisations who over the years have denied that diet can have an impact on cancer.

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“As you undoubtedly know, there is no evidence at the present time that any food or any combination of foods specifically affects the course of any cancer in man.” — Statement by the American Cancer Society, July 8, 1957.

“… diet has ever been shown to cure cancer.”—Barrie Cassileth, Ph.D —American Cancer Society Spokesperson (2007)   [Thank you Chris Gupta for bringing these quotes to my attention]

It’s true that the Addenbrooke’s researchers have not made a claim that diet has cured cancer. However, they have showed that very modest changes to diet can ‘affect the course’ of one cancer at least. One participant,Paul Sinclair from Bedford,  added pomegranate juice and by the end of the study his PSA results were nearly normal.

So in this case diet was far superior to any drug.

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