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Oleander testimony

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on November 12, 2008

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Tracy on the Oleandersoup Yahoo chat group wrote:

My step dad was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor blocking his bile duct which they said had spread to his pancreas and liver and this was last Thanksgiving.  He was given a couple of months and had lost over 50 lbs in two months.  Well here we are a year later and he has put on weight and is golfing on a regular basis.  He is 80 years old and living life to the fullest!

First off he took the Oleander soup [according to the recipe on the Oleandersoup chat group site] that I made him along with a very clean diet – no sugar, little meat, all fresh fruits and veggies.  He worked up to the full dose of 3Tbsps/3xday.  After about four months he started taking the OPC from www.sutherlandiaopc.comalong with the homemade stuff.  He alternates doses and gauges how much to take by his bowels.  If they are too loose he backs off a bit.  Combined with a very positive attitude this has all really helped him!  Below are some other things he takes too.

1. Nutrex Spirulina- it is to be taken in either Noni juice or Knudsens unfiltered apple juice

2. Enzymatic Therapy- IP-6 with Inositol- this literally cuts out the pathways for the cancer cells to grow. Look at the dosage on the label: should be about 4 grams, should do that twice daily- so 8 grams a day. This compound has a lot of studies to back it up.
3.Source Naturals- AHCC- this is a mushroom compound that is a specific for cancer treatment. Read the section about fungus on the website, ie polysaccharides

4. Wobenzymes- take them in the AM on an empty stomach and late on an empty stomach -highest dose recommended. Apparently, cancer cells have a protein component to them and these enzymes break them down.


Note: The Cancer Survivor’s Bible (2012) is now available – see

“This book is an incredibly informative and useful book.” – Bill Henderson



One Response to “Oleander testimony”

  1. 1vttttt said

    any suggestions re bladder cancer? i had a “superficial’ but high grade tumor emoved, tried BCG, bleeding came back, they jsut did another resection..the Urologist said this time he took out 2 tumors..

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