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The power of oleander

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on October 31, 2008

Cancer: The Complete Recovery Guide

This is a posting from the Oleandersoup Yahoo health group:

It may very well be a blessing that you cannot afford chemo, as that is not the answer.   Chemo, in itself, does not cure cancer as it addresses the cancer from the “outside” not its cause, which is a compromised immune system.  Chemo only serves to further compromise that immune system while destroying the organs.  And should there be a remission, the cancer always returns.  Addressing cancer naturally, while changing one’s lifestyle to a healthy one, is your best insurance that the cancer will not return.

Oleander is over 90% effective against all types of cancer.  Let me refer you to the following articles:

Success Against Cancer and HIV in South Africa

Oleander Induces Autophagy – Exclusive Story

For more articles please see the Oleander Series of Articles on The Best Years in Life .

This supplement can be obtained at http://www.sutherla .

Another option in taking the oleander extract is by making your own “Oleander Soup” and this just costs pennies a day.  Here are the instructions.

The Recipe for Oleander Soup Part 1

The Recipe for Oleander Soup Part 2 – Tips and Advice

If you do not have a plant readily accessible, I suggest you get one from an organic nursery.  Yet, even with a plant from an “organic” nursery you must make positively sure that it has not been sprayed with commercial pesticides.  Some organic nurseries are not truly “organic.”  And you must follow the recipe for the soup precisely.  No shortcuts should be taken.

I highly recommend that you take oleander in either the supplement form or by making the soup.  Oleander specializes in addressing the irregular cells that form tumors and greatly works to strengthen your immune system.

Other supplements that I highly recommend that you take are

Inositol/IP6 – this supplement has been known to “melt” tumors.
CoQ10 – This is a powerful antioxidant and I have had people give this supplement credit for their healing from cancer.

Another thing to address is your diet.  First of all get rid of sugar.  Cancer feeds on sugar.  Also do not eat processed foods, junk foods, fast foods, sweeteners, etc.  Make sure you eat a natural diet.  Actually, your best option would be to eat solely raw foods and do lots of juicing.

I am also going to include the link to Tony’s Anti-Cancer Protocol which includes a lot of what I have stated above and more.

A Natural Anti-Cancer Protocol

Utopia Silver has high quality supplements and members of this group, by inserting code LR001, get a 15% discount on items that are not on sale.

I hope I have helped you.  By following the above guidelines you will fill you bodily aresenal with the proper weapons toward your healing from cancer.

I wish you the very best,


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