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sodium bicarbonate – good source

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on October 31, 2008

The Big Book: Cancer: The Complete Recovery Guide

The Small Book: Cancer Recovery Guide: 15 Alternative and Complementary Strategies for Restoring Health  –  For more information go to

“This book tells me everything. Why didn’t my doctor tell me this?” – Rev Bill Newbern


The alkalising benefits of sodium bicarbonate are now well known – see other posts

One problem with many commonly available sodium bicarbonate or baking soda sources is that they contain aluminium. One source that doesn’t is Bob’s Red Mill brand baking soda – which can be found at

Sorry if the link isn’t active – just copy and paste it.

Dr Mark Sircus is writing a book on the value of sodium bicarbonate and he has pointed out that all chemotherapy regimes are accompanied by sodium bicarbonate drip – so there is no separating the effect of the chemotherapy drug and the sodium bicarbonate! I’m not sure where this argument goes however because most chemotherapy regimes have been proven not to work by the people who want us to take them. Anyway, for those who want to read Dr Sircus’s books on magnesium and sodium bicarbonate go to

Mark Sircus Ac., OMD
Director International Medical Veritas Association


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