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Dr Kelley Eidem’s pepper cure

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on October 17, 2008

There’s a lot of information on this site so do browse – this supports the info and critical overview of cancer in my two cancer book – for details see


“This book tells me everything. Why didn’t my doctor tell me this.”


For details of the “habanero pepper cure”

Dr Kelley Eidem

Cayenne pepper has long been known to be very beneficial – the hotter the better. The heat of chillies are measured as Scofield heat units. The average shop-bought cayenne pepper is about 40,000 SHU – but you can buy 160,000SHU pepper off the internet- the hottest chilli pepper is about 1 million SHU – for health purposes the 160,000SHU is best -to make a tincture mix with vodka and keep shaking for a few weeks. Excellent.

For an interesting review read this article:

Note: The Cancer Survivor’s Bible (2012) is now available – see

“I am so glad I was tipped off to read this book.”



32 Responses to “Dr Kelley Eidem’s pepper cure”

  1. Jim Mayhew said

    I am interested in hearing from those who have used the habenero pepper treatment and achieved a real success. Particularly those with Prostate Cancer. Anyone out there care to comment.

  2. Linda said

    Yes — you’d think that as long as he’s been posting that up on hubpages there would be more people coming out of the woodwork saying that it worked for them.
    As far as I can tell, Eidem’s no doctor — though he likes to play one over on the hubpages — which I find frightening.

  3. Gloria Erickson said

    I can’t find any reference where Kelly Eidem refers to himself as a doctor. He is the author of a book entitled The Doctor Who Cures Cancer. The book is not about Kelly, but about the work of a doctor that Kelly has researched. As for “playing doctor”……informing others about natural cures in the hopes of helping them (and not for personal gain)can hardly be called “playing doctor” in this climate where doctors do little but drug, cut and burn for profit. I was lucky enough to grow up with a grandmother who educated her grandchildren in self-healing methods and natural cures, what is referred to as a curandera or “granny healer” in some cultures. From what I have read of Kelly’s offerings, he possesses that same spirit of selflessly sharing information to help others to regain their health.

  4. Hi,

    Chuck Kinsey had prostate cancer, Grade 3, but is now cancer free after using my recipe. He did no medical treatments. Click on my name, you’ll see his story on my blog.

    Other have experienced very positive early results. I leaarned indirectly of a man whose stomach cancer cleared up in a week. He had gone to the hospital for surgery ut they determined there was no cancer to remove.

    I have never claimed to be a doctor. I am an author, and I cured my own Stage 4 cancer using my recipe.

    What is truly frightening is what happens to those who subject themselves to the barbaric mistreatments that are sold by physicians who by now should know better.

    The best to you.

    Together we can cure cancer – one person at a time!

    • Daniel said

      You go Kelly, Between you and Bill Henderson I think people are starting to wake up to the fact that chemo is not the only option and the worst option out there. It’s all about money, brainwashing doctors, FDA and big pharma cover ups, and too much government intervention. GOD gave people a body that could heal itself. We bring on the diseases ourselves by the life styles we choose and the foods we eat. You also can choose the method of healing. It’s all over the internet, with a few hours of fighting for yourself you can find anything you want. Many books available out there and Kelly’s book is good one.

  5. bruno said

    My father is 92 years old. He has stomach cancer. Been through radiation and chemo. Doesn’t have much of an appetite, eats small amounts of food and feelsfull. Doctors say its due to the radiation & chemo treatments, and his appetite should improve. I’d like to put him on 2 weeks of habanero-garlic-ezekiel-buttered treatment, but he claims that hot(spicy)food upsets his stomach. So, how do you suggest I give it to him? I look forward to your quick response, as he’s not getting any younger.

    • Jeanne said

      Get him on the Budwig diet quickly and follow it completely. Just google it.

    • Daniel said

      I have made the tincture and just gave it to a close friend who has stage four cancer throughout his body. He was given 6 to 8 weeks to live. He elected to go to Cancer Centers of America where they put him on chemo to stop the progression. So far it is working and he’s feeling better now but I worry with his bad heart. He’s starting the tincture today. I told him to mix it with clamato or tomato juice as strong as he can bear. Three droppers in a 12 oz. glass of clamato is like a spicey bloody mary. I told him to do it three times a day or more if he wants. I tried the bread method and it’s hot. I can tollerate it but I know Tim can’t. I’ll keep you informed of the progress. And as for Linda’s comment, I hope for linda’s sake she don’t get cancer because she most likely will go the chemo route, GOD help her.

  6. Adriana said


    The people are scared, too scared to try alternative treatments when it comes down to life or death. We have been educated to follow blindly the doctor’s advice, regardless of what our common sense or ancient wisdom points to. That’s modern life. Just as countless efficient herbal remedies have been lost to chemistry and physicians, this one will fade confronted with the “If you start your chemo tomorrow, your chances will improve with 30%. In two weeks you are 40% more likely to die!” How many will have the courage to wait and gamble those 2 weeks?

    My grandmother had stomach cancer due to an prolonged use of saccharine (she was an diabetic for nearly 40 years and saccharine was a “lab wonder that improved her life”). She battled cancer for one year without treatment (her physician didn’t bothered to send her to chemo since she was too old at 87 and in my wonderful country you are condemned to die without insurance or money) before she decided that she feels ready to get operated (it was free of charge at the research hospital of Medicine University, in fewer words: lab rat.) and see if it could be removed. My family went through hell this year taking care of her, with endless nights of crying and screaming, with stained bedsheets and constant accusations on both sides. After the operation the doctor confessed that the stomach was nearly healed on it’s own, with new tissue covering the extended holes in the stomach walls and no tumors were found. She would have been just fine without surgery (her surgeon advised her that age and diabetes were important risk factors). Scared and stubborn she decided to go on with surgery. Sadly, she never waked up after intervention and died from complication related to surgery. So, if an 87 old diabetic’s body had resources to heal itself (she did had a very healthy, organic diet since my parents lived on a small farm with vegetable garden and livestock) why should an healthy (until cancer), younger person die without fighting? Because people are panicking, because research is lacking, because you are SCARED out of your mind by physicians and pharmacist. By researchers that live from research founds, by countless humans that don’t really care about what happens outside their small white box as long as their life goes on.
    Hope that my story will add to the data out there and help somebody when confronted with such a hard decision. For myself, I know that I will give it a chance before anything else if such a day will come. Best wishes!

  7. Robert McCune said

    After taking your tincture for five days, (after removal of a tumor from my bladder) I suddenly had a severe pain in my kidney area upon urinating. Is this normal or a sign of other possible cancer sites being cured? Please advise.

    • cancerfighter said

      Only a doctor can tell you. No-one’s going to make a guess without having a close look. But pain can be caused by many things – for doctors it is a poor guide. A big thing like cancer can cause minimal pain while a small thing can cause a big pain. Another option is just to wait and see if the pain returns or goes away. Your call.

      • Chris said

        I have read through Kelleys web blog and he mentions a few times that has the body rids itself of the dead canser cells the kidneys are going to have to clean the dead cells out of the blood. Back off on the tincture a bit and see if the pain subsides.


    • Jacky Manchester said

      This could be because too many toxins are being removed at one time from your body and the kidneys cannot handle it. Gerson therapy uses coffee enemas to address this as this clears the body and makes it easier to get rid of the toxins. 6 a day is what Gerson uses, otherwise you are re-intoxinating yourself

  8. tetziecou said

    Hi. I have stage 3 breast cancer and has a tumor in my breast (6cm). I had a lumpectomy but this one grew fast and bigger after the surgery. I would like to know if there is such a case where the tumor was shrunk by Dr Kelley Eidem’s pepper cure?
    I tried grating garlic and garlic with a herbal oil and it feels really hot. Anyone wants to share their experience?

  9. As grating the pepper is difficult to grate,could you cut them up finely & then use a meat mallet to crush out the oil before putting on the bread?

  10. KelleyISaFake22 said

    So Kelley what kind of cancer did you say you had? You keep saying you had cancer that it just showed up one day turned out to be stage 4 im just asking because im finding it hard to believe you cured it with some groceries. I think.its pretty sick that you give people false hope. I’ve been diagnosed with 2 types of lymphomas, including burkitts which involves masses in the colon that can double in.size every 16 hours and I haven’t even reached stage 4 in that short of time. Furthermore I’ve incorporated those ingredients in my diet before all this and I still got 2 kinds of cancer. Its disturbing to think of all the false hope you give people. I think your book should be categorized as ficton your an author not a doctor.

    • Hope said

      Dude! He isnt making money on his recipe at all! In fact he is giving it away for free!
      He isnt offering false hope … he is offering hope period. What would be better for you then? Bieng negative
      will not help you heal at all! Take it with a grain of salt if you dont like it …. dont try it.

      • cancerfighter said

        You can call anything the first name surname cure if you want the publicity. Maybe it’s helpful, maybe not. Don’t like the butter eleemnt myself but there’s little else that’s problematic. Just don’t say I’m doing the XYZ cure and sit back and wait for it to happen. You need to do a whole lot more.

      • Jesus Christ said

        He’s selling his book. His blog is just publicity for his book.

  11. Luke Schneider said

    I had a weird , fast growing “growth” growing on the side of my face. I drank the Budwig cottage cheese and flaxseed oil smoothie, with blueberries, and blackberries, in a blender , well mixed. I followed this by chewing two quarter inch slices of ginger root. I also ate a lot of habanero chile slices with food .. after about two weeks.. the growth turned into a scab, then completely dropped off, and now there is no evidence it was even there !!! I made sure I did this process on an empty stomach, after fasting 12 hours ( in the morning) .

  12. vishal soni said

    Vishal Soni
    My grand mother has got 4 stage salivary gland cancer. please is anyone there to give treatment naturally

  13. vishal soni said

    my grandmother has got 4 stage salivary gland there any natural treatment…….

    • cancerfighter said

      There are many natural options, for myself I would look at diet, herbs and supplements – check out my two cancer recovery books at Good luck. BTW the standard treatment of radiation will kill all salivary glands and make the mouth completely dry – and will stop enjoyment of food, drink etc. Also swallowing can be affected. Do not recommend.

  14. MARVIN said


  15. Dear Kelly

    My dad is 83 years and are diagnosed with lung metasses.
    He is currently eating the habanero chilli, garlic. organic bread and primrose oil.
    With the last visit at the Doctor the x-rays showed no futher progress of the canser.

    The mucus is a problem.
    What can he use to minimize the mucus?

    Elmarie from Namibia

    • Jo White said

      Stay away from dairy-dairy increases mucous production.

      • elize strydom said

        How much ginger must be taken a day and what time of the day?

      • cancerfighter said

        I don’t think there is a limit on ginger. right this minute I can feel a serious cold coming on so I have cut up a knob of giner and soaked it in boiling water so I can sip it with vit c during the night (I also put in half an onion!) – hope it works.

  16. energygirl said

    I have been fighting stage 3C ovarian cancer for 7 years now. I have been on all kinds of chemo combinations and as long as I am on it, I seem fine, but this last remission only lasted 4 months. I am very interested in the hot pepper tinture discussed here. With my condition on the rise again, should there be anything else I should be adding to the tinture for my specific problem? Or anything else I should take orally. My homeopath suggested low dose Naltrexone 3.0. Thanks- energygirl

    • Adam said

      Ginger at least 2 1/2 tsp daily and some Raw Ginger grated through-out the day is one GOOD thing for ovarian c – a post said that when a woman stopped taking ginger daily her ca125 count jumped up

      – another woman with ovarian C – took tincture of BINDWEED for one year once a day – and it disappeared – she didn’t say what stage it was

      MILK (and maybe eggs) might make ovarian either grow or become inflamed NEVER eat sugar stevia white powder by sweet leaf* might be ok – im not sure-

      stick with very healthy diet like dr fuhrman’s for at least one year

      MEDICINAL MUSHROOMS – add them too

      soda for pains – and to temporarily correct a too acid saliva or urine PH
      get ph papers or a tear off roll of ph paper – and test )learn how to do it)

      one container of cranberry juice w/out sugar daily made one woman’s chemo resistant C accept the chemo

      VIRUS- theres a MINERAL detox – one is from jim humble – don’t know if he’s good or if the detox works – but it sounds interesting – viruses, some think, either start or ? are involved with some cancers – some studies think HIV of some form, start alzheimers, Parkinsons and dementia 30 yrs before = who knows if the virus keeps diseases going or if they just change DNA – but viruses can stay on the dna and the mineral detox CLAIMS to boost the immune system which then clears the virus

      blood cleansers, organ detox – there are many things – but also don’t overburden your system with too many things

      like Kelly Eidem says check ph after taking things – I think 2 hrs aftter-

      don’t do just one thing – but do GINGER every day – several times a day support liver and kidneys and LYMPH system – they will do the clearing = look into the water cure – 1/2 body weight in ounzes of water daily between meals with electrolites and or sea salt – Lorraine day believes in it

      barley green powder (organic) – the LIVER loves GREEN – drink between meals as a cleanse for liver

      more foods that are alkaline daily for health – read about acid / alkaline –

      the RIGIHT oils are important – but I don’t know abuot them yet

  17. always hope said

    My Mother is 72 years old. Diagnosed with throat cancer. The doctor said to operate taking out the esophegus and the “swallowing tube”. Iam sorry i forgot what it is called. They would then open her stomach to take a piece of the intestines to replace the “swallowing tube,But there would be a permenant stoma in her neck to take air into her lungs, and she would not be able to talk. She’s afraid of the operation and the doctor kept telling her ‘but your age is a problem’. What can we do besides prey? P.S. anything hot or like chilli makes her feel terrible. After all the cancer is in her throat. Please help. Thankyou…..

    • My brother-in-law had throat cancer and had surgery (painful), and radiation which killed all his glands so couldn’t taste food and had terrible dry mouth. Five years later he died from choking on food that went down the wrong way. In her position I would choose a combination of diet, herbs and supplements – see my booth The Cancer Survivor’s Bible for an extended list of options ( – I would, myself, particularly try Guinea Hen Weed, cannabis (if you can get hold of it), vitamin C (again see discussion in my book) – bloodroot tincture, selenium, citric acid… There is also a lot of info on this site – go hunting. Good luck

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