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New Hungarian Gerson Centre opens

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on October 16, 2008

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The following is an extract from a brochure for a new Gerson Clinic in Hungary:

Europe’s first and only accredited GersonHealth Centre, fully supported by the Gerson Institute of San Diego, is about to open its doors in Hungary.

Its aim is to offer the authentic Gerson experience to patients seeking to recover from malignant or non-malignant chronic degenerative diseases, and to those who wish to improve or safeguard their health by a drastic change of lifestyle, mainly along nutritional lines. The theory and practice of the Gerson protocol will be fully explained and demonstrated. The Centre is run by an experienced Gerson therapist, supported by a team of medical doctors familiar with the Gerson protocol.

Located in an unspoilt woodland setting some 30 km from Budapest, the Centre has ten bright, pleasantly furnished single and double rooms, each with its own bathroom. All food is vegetarian, strictly organic, expertly prepared according to Gerson rules, accompanied by freshly made juices.

At present the Centre is running two-week residential courses at regular intervals. The first one is scheduled for November 10-23. The inclusive cost for patients is EUROS 4,200, and EUROS 300 for a companion-helper.

For further details please contact

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One Response to “New Hungarian Gerson Centre opens”

  1. cancerfighter said

    To apply for admission to a Gerson Clinic

    The Gerson Institute does not own or operate treatment facilities. However, we maintain a treatment center licensing program to ensure patients receive true Gerson care. Currently, there are two licensed Gerson treatment centers – in Mexico and in Hungary.

    For admission to the center in Hungary, contact or visit their website

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