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Dennis cures stage 4 colon cancer

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on October 13, 2008

Dennis’s message to CancerCured Yahoo chat group:

I too had colon cancer and it spread to my liver , lungs and pancreas. Now it is completely gone. I did 5 weeks radiation, 11 days chemo then went to alternative treatment.

With alkaline diet (and water)to not give it a good place to live (the cancer). No sugar to feed it. Immunocal to build the immune system. Cesium to make the cancer even more alkaline. Graviola also as an immune system builder and attacks the cancer. Juicing (specific type). And a few other things. I am free of cancer now.

But you have to be committed to the regime.

Note: The Cancer Survivor’s Bible (2012) is now available – see

“I have scoured the ‘Net and read many books. This is the best.”



One Response to “Dennis cures stage 4 colon cancer”

  1. su arıtma said

    If the human body is made up of 70% water, then our healthy is related with firstly water quality. Water is consisted of hydrogen and oxygen ions. Its ingredients and mineral compounds directly effect on water quality. Many researchers have been studying on good water and there is no agreed decision. Recently one common decision on good water is alkaline, low ORP value, hexagonal water cluster and rich mineral ingredients as known alkaline reduced water, alkaline ionized water, antioxidant water etc. We know that there are lots of thermal and spa water all over the world which have therapeutic effect on some illness. Alkaline water has also such healing effect depends on its alkalinity, structure of water clusters, quantity of hydrogen ions that gives to water antioxidant characteristic. As a result various scientists believe that alkaline antioxidant water has healing capability on some illness like cancer, aging, constipation, atopy, hyertension, diabetes, etc.

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