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methyl jasmonate diary

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on October 7, 2008

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In June 2008 my wife, Yevette, was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. The cancer had spread to her adrenal gland, liver and brain by the time it was discovered. She immediately started radiation treatments and was preparing to start chemotherapy. In July after her last radiation treatment she developed pneumonia and spent 7 days in ICU on a by-pap machine in the regional hospital. The Doctors said if her O2 levels continued to drop she would have to go on a ventilator and would not be able to come off it. They advised us to prepare for the worst because they didn’t think she could pull through. She pulled through and surprised us all and was sent home with an O2 concentrator. She was too weak to start the chemo and In August she started swelling to the point that fluid was oozing from her skin, her primary physician started her on Lasix for the swelling, her potassium levels dropped and she had to be readmitted to ICU to get her potassium back up.

While in ICU it was discovered she had fluid around her lung. She had 1100 ml of fluid drained from her lung. Again the doctors told us to prepare for the worst, again she pulled through. 10 days later (September) I took her to the local hospital to have more fluid drained from her lung, this time 1600 ml was removed. Later that night her heart went into arterial fibrillation. She was transported to the regional hospital and again she was put into ICU. This time the Dr’s told us there was nothing more they could do and sent her back to the local hospital to be closer to her friends and family. After several days in the local hospital she was sent home under Hospice care. By this time she was so weak she could not stand without assistance and could only move a couple of steps to get to the bedside toilet.

September 164 specialists, 1 ER admitting doctor and 1 general practitioner felt there was nothing else that could be done and that in a matter of days or hours she would die.

What they didn’t realize is that neither she nor I were willing to give up that easily.


September 18I gave her the first treatment of Methyl Jasmonate using a Vick’s Personal Steam Inhaler with 2 ml of methyl jasmonate (2 grams). She was not able to do the complete treatment because she was too weak to keep her head over the inhaler. Prior to the treatments she had very labored breathing, especially when she was sleeping and also had sleep apnea with 4 to 5 second pauses between breaths. This had been going on for over 2 years.


September 19I started noticing an improvement in her breathing, she still had the apnea but she was no longer struggling to breath.


September 21I noticed the swelling was reducing.


September 22I stopped giving her Lasix, the swelling was still reducing.


September 24I gave her the second treatment of MJ. She was still not able to complete the entire treatment. The swelling was still reducing and almost completely gone.


September 25Her breathing is the best it has been in over 2 years and NO sleep apnea! The swelling is gone and she is getting stronger.

September 29I gave her the third treatment of MJ. She was able to do most of the treatment. She is still getting stronger.

October 2 We went to see my wife’s primary doctor, He was very surprised to see that she had walked into his office (the two previous visits she was in a wheel chair). She had to use a walker but she made it under her own power. After listening to her breathing he said her lungs sounded much better. Her O2 saturation was checked while on 3 ml of oxygen and registered 100, the oxygen was removed and she was rechecked approximately 20 minutes later, her O2 saturation was 94. Her doctor told her that she no longer needed to be on oxygen all the time and she could use it when she felt short of breath. He wanted to know more about what we were doing. I told him we were using Methyl Jasmonate, he asked about the dosage and cost, when I told him he said “that’s cheaper than anything we can do”. He then said it looks like its helping and to keep him informed on her progress. She made the comment that she didn’t realize how sick she was the last time she was in ICU. Her doctor said “yes, they sent you back here to die” (that was an eye opener for her). She still needs help standing but can walk. There is no more swelling, her breathing is good, her lung sounds are good (not normal yet but getting there), her strength is slowly returning and she is much more alert. We have no doubt that the MJ treatments are benefiting her.

Her doctor said that normally as a general practitioner he would not order further tests on someone with her diagnosis but he was curious as to her remarkable improvement and scheduled her an appointment for October 23 for blood work and X-rays.

October 6 I gave her the fourth treatment of MJ. She was able to do almost all of the treatment again. About half way through the treatment she said her vision got a little blurry. About 45 minutes after the treatment she said her vision was back to normal. She is still slowly getting stronger, and can now occasionally get up off the bed by herself. She is only wearing the O2 about half the time now and it is down to 2 lpm. She went all night without the O2.

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3 Responses to “methyl jasmonate diary”

  1. Peter said

    I hope that all is still going well for your wife. Where did you purchase the MJ? Any information you could supply would be most appreciated.
    Thank you very much.

  2. steve said

    Where can we buy MJ? Thks

  3. Vincent said

    According to the Grouppe Kurosawa website Yevette died of Pneumonia a month after this last post. Her body was already in a weakened state so it’s hard to say whether Methyl Jasmonate was able to defeat the cancer or not.

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