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Doctor thinks new cervical cancer is dangerous and useless

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on October 1, 2008

Source Russell Blaylock’s latest newsletter .

“The government collects reported complications on all vaccines, and
these are stored deep in the bowels of the FDA. Recently, the
Washington-based public interest group Judicial Watch attempted to
examine the adverse effects of the new HPV vaccine Gardasil. But, the
FDA refused to release the data – until they were forced to by a
Freedom of Information lawsuit. You may recall that the Merck
pharmaceutical company
, maker of Gardasil, went from state to state
passing out bundles of money to legislators and governors in an
attempt to have mandatory vaccine legislation passed. They insisted
that girls as young as age 9 receive the vaccine by order of the
state. Because of the release of this hidden data, we now know that
serious complications have occurred with this vaccine with only a
limited use of the vaccine nationwide. Some 1,600 young girls have
had complications, including death. Almost 25 percent of the
complications were serious. Several cases of sudden death occurring
within eight hours of taking the vaccine were reported. Death was
secondary to coronary artery thrombosis (heart attack), pulmonary
(clots in the lung vessels) and enlargement of the heart. Two
of the deaths occurred in girls aged 12 and 19. In an attempt to
downplay the complications, the FDA listed instances of children being
found unresponsive after the vaccine as “minor complications. ”

In a previous issue of the newsletter, I warned pregnant women about
the dangers of being vaccinated during pregnancy. Incredibly, 42
pregnant women
were vaccinated with this vaccine and 18 experienced side effects,
which included spontaneous abortions and malformed babies. Seizures,
Bell’s palsy and Guillain-Barre syndrome (paralysis) were also
reported. If states had passed mandatory vaccination with Gardasil the
number of dead, paralyzed, and seriously impaired young girls would
have been astronomical. I shudder to think of the number of pregnant
women who would have lost their babies or had malformed babies. What
makes all this so shocking is that Gardasil has not been shown to
actually prevent cervical cancer, and it has been shown to become
ineffective after three-and-a- half years.

Most HPV-related cervical cancer occurs afterage 30. It might surprise
you to know that there are 20 million people infected with HPV, yet
there are only 10,000 cases of cervical cancer in the United States
and 3,000 deaths per year. That would be an incidence of HPV related
cancer of 0.001 percent, if we assume half of all cases were females.
(Cancers caused by the HPV virus can also occur in men. HPV cancers
can develop in several places including the penis, anus, mouth, and
throat.) Likewise, studies have shown that most cervical cancer
occurs in women who do not get regular Pap smears, with the highest
incidence in those who have multiple sexual partners, poor personal
hygiene, and poor nutrition.


One Response to “Doctor thinks new cervical cancer is dangerous and useless”

  1. Lowell said

    Thank you for the brutal honesty an how else can we get the info. across this barrier of Big Pharma. I do not know how those at the AMA FDA and CDC sleep at night. There are 100’s of personal accounts on the net of severe adverse reactions and these girls are disabled and suffering big time, some are dead. This figure is far beyond the 6% the FDA claims are severe. Then recently they said they believe none of the deaths are related and this is typical of life in society in general, with no Gardasil shot up. In other words they didnt investigate it and admit about half the cases had not enough info to do so, so they claimed. Likely those were the most obvious one. All I know is this vaccine needs be off the market until more investigation is done!

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