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Ellen’s experience with sunlight

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on September 29, 2008

> I’m sure you all know how great vitamin D is, well, there’s a
> corollary. It’s light. Sunlight. The science on this is awesome. Dr.
> John Ott, he of the Walt Disney studios time-lapse photography, is a
> pioneer in the science of light and health. He coined the term
> “malillumination” because we know what malnutrition is, and he believes
> that lack of the proper light causes all kinds of health problems.
> We’re talking indoor as well as outdoor light. I’ve researched this
> subject extensively for the other yahoogroup I belong to, cll
> alternative therapies. So what I’m writing here is just the tip of the
> iceberg as far as what I know, so I’m giving you the condensed version.
> First of all, I began sunbathing in June at high noon with no
> sunscreen (yes, I know about skin cancer, and have lots of research
> about that, and how phony the research is that we need sunscreen). Skin
> cancer’s caused by way too much sun and sunburns, that’s not what I’m
> talking about. I did limit it at first to 15 minutes one side only, by
> kitchen timer. I gradually increased my exposure, sunbathing only 3-4
> times a week, and am currently at 25 min. back, 25 min. front. You
> have to know your own skin type to do this: I tan, don’t burn. I
> started feeling better quickly, my blood pressure went way down. Then,
> I had bloodwork and had them run a serum vitamin D test (I hadn’t taken
> any D supplements during this time). My serum vitamin D shot up greatly
> with the 3-4 times a week nude sunbathing. The vitamin D, 25-OH, D3 WAS
> 27, back in April, and is now 43. I’m very happy about that. I also
> started losing weight, as sunlight ramps up metabolism. Here’s some
> info on how sunlight kills cancer cells.
> http://www.ghchealt spectrum- light.html
> Now, about indoor lighting. There is a great book called “Light:
> Medicine of the Future
,” by Jacob Liberman, O.D., Ph.D.. One great
> thing are the appendices. There’s a list of docs in every state who
> practice syntonic optometry (use of colors, etc.), and there’s a page on
> full spectrum light sources. What I gleaned, finally, is what to look
> for when ordering the indoor lights. It’s something called the
> color-rendering index (CRI). To really be full-spectrum, lights should
> have a CRI of anything over 90. The sun is 100. A standard cool-white
> fluorescent light has a CRI of only 68. Bulbs should also have a
> “correlated color temperature” between 5,000-7,000 Kelvin. I found a
> great source, thanks to an internet friend, here’s that info:
> http://www.fullspec trumsolutions. com/natural- lighting. htm
> I bought a lamp for my bedroom, and I love the whitish-bluish outdoor
> light (no UV).
> I also know that there is new research that blue light kills tumors,
> and there is some blue light coming from the sun. I’ve already asked my
> dentist if he would shine some of his blue light that they use to harden
> fillings on my neck (I have enlarged lymph nodes due to cll). I didn’t
> get a yes or a no. I gave him the articles. I’ll ask him again the
> next time I see him. Here’s that research:
> http://www.scienced releases/ 2008/06/08062411 0831.htm
> This are nothing but benefits to proper use of lighting, both indoor and
> outdoor.
> Ellen


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