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Alan’s experience with methyl jasmonate

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on September 29, 2008

In June my wife was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. The cancer had
> spread to her adrenal gland, liver and brain by the time it was
> discovered. She immediately started radiation treatments and was
> preparing to start chemotherapy. In July after her last radiation
> treatment she developed pneumonia, spent 7 days in ICU and was
> virtually given up on by the Dr’s. She fought through and surprised us
> all. She was too weak to start the chemo. In August she started
> swelling to the point that fluid was oozing from her skin, her primary
> physician started her on lasix and potassium for the swelling, her
> potassium levels still dropped and she had to be readmitted to ICU to
> get her potassium back up. She had 1100 ml of fluid drained from her
> lung. 10 days later (September) she had to have more fluid drained
> from her lung, this time 1600 ml was removed, the Dr’s told me there
> was nothing more they could do and sent her home under Hospice care.
> September 18 I gave her her first treatment of Methyl Jasmonate using
> a Vick’s Personal Steam Inhaler with 2 ml of MJ, Prior to the
> treatments she had very labored breathing, especially when she was
> sleeping and also had sleep apnea (4 to 5 second pauses between
> September 20 I started noticing an improvement in her breathing, she
> still had the apnea but she was no longer struggling to breath.
> September 21 I noticed the swelling was reducing.
> September 22 I stopped giving her Lasix, swelling still reducing.
> September 24 I gave her her second treatment of MJ. Swelling is still
> reducing and almost completely gone.
> September 25 I watched her sleeping, her breathing is the best it has
> been in over 2 years and NO sleep apnea! Swelling is gone!
> After only 2 treatments of MJ we are very optimistic. I wish I had
> found out about MJ when she was first diagnosed, I highly recommend MJ
> to anyone. I will try to update the progress as we continue the
> treatments.
> Alan

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One Response to “Alan’s experience with methyl jasmonate”

  1. Joycelyn said

    Thanks for sharing this important info and all of the best for your wife,I have cll and my wbc count is getting very high and i wanna try this ,i won’t go for chemo if not very nessacery,could you please give me info on what to use or if there’s capsule form and how your wife is doing . A healthy happy New year.
    Thanks again,

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